KBC Questions and Answers 01 October 2021

KBC Questions and Answers 01 October 2021

KBC Questions And Answers 01 October 2021 – This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 01 October 2021 .


Q- Which of these idioms means “to be engaged in adding money”?

Ans- 99 ke fer mail age rehna


Q- Which of these is stuffed inside the traditional Bihari dish Litti?

Ans- Sattu


Q- Which village of Kutch district of Gujarat successfully organized a unique girl panchayat recently?

Ans- Kunaria village


Q- In which of these games do you have to get a number covered on the dice to make your first move?

Ans- Ludo


Q- On which actor is this song filmed?

Ans- Ranbir Kapoor


Q- According to the calendar based on Shaka Samvat, Chhath Puja is mainly celebrated in which of these 2 months?

Ans- Chaitra Karthik


Q- Who is this actor and singer who turned to politics?

Ans- Dinesh Lal Yadav


Q- Cricketer Jasprit Bumrah played for which of these Ranji teams before making his international debut?

Ans- Gujarat


Q- Who is the director of the 1996 film “The Making of the Mahatma” which is based on the 21 years Gandhi spent in South Africa?

Ans- Shyam Benegal


Q- The leaves of which tree are dishes served in the Sadhya Mahabhoj of Kerala?

Ans- Banana


Q- Which satirical Hindi novel by Shrilal Shukla is based on the political agitation or resentment of Shivpal Ganj, a small village in Uttar Pradesh?

Ans- Raag Darbari


Q- According to Hindu religious texts, where did Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, put Mahabali’s foot on his head and sent him?

Ans- Pataal Lok


Q- Pratik Gandhi is more attached to which of the following?

Ans- His father


Q- At which of these historical places in India is the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi’s wife Kasturba Gandhi located?

Ans- Aag Khan Palace Pune


Q- Who became the youngest UN peace envoy in April 2017?

Ans- Malala Yousafzai


Q- Which of the following is the base period for RBI’s Detail Payments Index (RBI-DPI)?

Ans- March 2018


Q- In the year 2020, the 1st state government in India used a single showing called Poonam observation to estimate the population of which animal?

Ans- Asian lion


Q- At which of these historical places was it planned to build a “National Maritime Heritage Complex” by the Government of India?

Ans- Lothal

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