KBC Questions and Answers 05 November 2021

KBC Questions and Answers 05 November 2021

KBC Questions and Answers 05 November 2021– This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 05 November 2021 .

Boyfriend Skiny and Riped Who are all these types


Rice is used as the main ingredient for making which of these dishes?

Ans- Phirni

What is the subsidy per metric turn on export of sugar announced for sugar season 2020-21 by the government for this year 2020


What is this character talking about?

Ans- Papa says big name will do

If you are planning to travel to Paris which of these currency will you convert your Rupees


Which famous film award is this

Ans-Bafta Award

Which of the following is not a form of Martial Art in India?


Which of these battles was shown by the Marathas in this clip?

Ans- Battle of Singh Garh

Which of these states was ruled by three Chief Ministers in the year 2021


Identify this bird known for its colorful giant square

Ans- Tukan

Which dynasty has tombs in the Safa Gumbaz located in Gulbarga, Karnataka?


Which is the fastest terrestrial snake recorded in Guinness World Records?

Ans-Black Mamba

In 1930 Which country hosted the first Commonwealth Games British Empire Games?




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