22 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021

22 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021

22 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021– This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 22 November 2021 .


In which of the following sports the words drop net short, rally and in it are used?

Ans- Badminton


Ramesh and Suresh write four pages each in 1 hour, then how many pages together will they write in 4 hours?

Ans- 32 Pages


Who is the new Chairman of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India

Ans- Dr. Navrang Saini


What does KYC mean?

Ans- Know your customers


Matsya and Vamana were all incarnations of which god?

Ans- Lord Vishnu


Who among these is also known as the first citizen of India?

Ans- President of India


What is the name of Titan in relation to astronomy i.e. astronomy?

Ans- A natural satellite


What are the 24 spiritual originators of Jainism collectively called?

Ans- Tirthankara


Which of the following is not actually a type of bear?

Ans- Red Panda


Which is the largest end terrestrial reservoir on earth?

Ans- Caspian Sea

Fastest Finger First

In which month India celebrates its Republic Day?

Ans- January

Which mountain range is mostly located in China India Nepal and Bhutan?

Ans- Himalaya

By what name did the children fondly call our first Prime Minister?

Ans- Chacha Nehru

Second Round Of 22 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021

About which festival or belief is it that Santa Claus goes to people’s homes and leaves remedies for them?

Ans- Christmas


Which of the following is the title of the serial aired on Sony SAB whose story revolves around a women’s police station located in Lucknow?

Ans- Madam sir


By which of these actions can pollution be prevented from spreading in the environment?

Ans- By planting trees


What can you use this machine for?

Ans- To withdraw cash


Which of the following is a martial art which is played unarmed?

Ans- Karate


Which of these foods is prepared from the seeds of a plant called cocoa?

Ans- Chocolate


Which of these names is the name of a country?

Ans- North Korea


Which soldier is Sidharth Malhotra playing in the movie from which this song is from?

Ans- Vikram Banna


 What will happen if a good egg is put in water?

Ans- will drown


What does the phrase “To Let” which is often written on buildings represent?

Ans – is for rent


Which of the following is true for this organism?

Ans- Fastest animal living on land



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