KBC Questions and Answers 11 October 2021

KBC Questions and Answers 11 October 2021


KBC Questions and Answers 11 October 2021 – This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 11 October 2021 .


In which state 6 polluted rivers will be rejuvenated under Namami Gange program?

Ans- Uttarakhand

The Election Commission of India can take action against the candidates for violating which of the following?

Ans- Code of Conduct

Which of these Prime Minister’s middle name is also a name of Lord Krishna?

Ans- AB Bajpai

Which of these countries does not have any star on its flag?

Ans- Russia

Which Mughal emperor is said to have once promised to make a water-carrying man named Nizam the emperor for one day in return for the protection of his life?

Ans- Humayun

Which metal mineral is mainly mined in the Khetri region of Rajasthan?

Ans- Copper

In which city the first underground railway was built in 1863?

Ans- London

In August 2020, ISRO decided to name the recently discovered crater on the Moon after which scientist?

Ans- Vikram Sarabhai

Which cricketer played the only Test of his career against New Zealand in Wellington and took the wicket of John Wright in that match?

Ans- Yograj Singh

Who will be the first player to appear on the hot seat in this new week of KBC?

Ans- Hussain Bohra

Fastest Finger Fast

Which of these vegetables grows underground?

Ans- Carrot

Which of these rulers first ruled Delhi?

Ans- Qutubuddin Aibak

Which of these words would you use for a leader?

Ans- Adhinayak

Second Round Of 11 October Kbc Fast Answer

What is the meaning of the idioms being a kue ka mendhak hona?

Ans- Having limited knowledge

With which of the following if we add the word Boll will it become the name of a game?

Ans- Hand

In which of these hymns no stuffing is usually done?

Ans- Dhokla

Which of these building materials are available in grade 33, grade 43 and grade 53?

Ans- Cement

Which of the following is the unit of measurement of latitude and longitude?

Ans- Degree

Which of the following is a different form used for an Indian telecom operator?

Ans- Vi

This song in which who has played the character of Preeti?

Ans- Kiara Advani

Who is the football player to score 500th goal of his career in March 2021?

Ans- Luis Suarez


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