KBC Questions and Answers 04 October 2021

KBC Questions and Answers 04 October 2021

KBC Questions And Answers 04 October 2021 – This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 04 October 2021 .


Q- The deer seen in this picture is actually a form of which monster?

Ans- Marich


Q- Cantilever suspension and only state is mainly related to which of these structures?

Ans- Bridge


Q- Indian Oil Corporation is building India’s first Green Hydrogen Plant at which place?

Ans- Mathura Refinery


Q- Which country’s cricket team would you associate with this baggy green cap?

Ans- Australia


Q- In June 2021, which country became the first country in the world to legalize bitcoin as a bed currency?

Ans- El Salvador


Q- Which of these awards was given to Arvind Kejriwal in the Emerging Leadership category?

Ans- Ramon Magsaysay Award


Q- Which player will we choose Ravidas in Flip the Question Life Line?

Ans- My city my state


Q- Which of these men and women Olympic medalists has not won the first Olympic medal for India in their respective sport?

Ans- Mary Kom


Q- Which of these dams situated on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh is situated on the Betwa river whose foundation stone was laid by Indira Gandhi in 1971?

Ans- Rajghat Dam


Q- What does the red color represent in the statement spoken by Maharaja Ranjit Singh after seeing the map of India, one day everything will be red?

Ans- British Territory


Q- He was the first Indian governor of RBI. During his tenure as governor, he represented India at the Britain Woods talks in 1944. Who is he?

Ans- Chintaman Dwarkanath Deshmukh



Q- What does the human heart pump?

Ans- Blood


Q- Which of these films does not feature Kareena Kapoor Khan?

Ans- Ek Tha Tiger


Q- Which of these imaginary geographical lines will be the southernmost?

Ans- Tropic of Capricorn



Q- Which of these Persian words means landowner in Hindi?

Ans- Zamindar


Q- Which of these beauty products is used to darken the eyelashes to make them appear thicker?

Ans- Mascara


Q- Which of the following is not the name of any Android version?

Ans- 5 Star


Q- Who is called Dulhania in this song?

Ans- Alia Bhatt


Q- Which of the following is the title of a film starring Rishi Kapoor?

Ans- Rajma rice


Q- Which of these films is not directed by Aditya Chopra?

Ans- Race

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