What is Copywriting ?

What is Copywriting ?

What is Copywriting in Marketing

Copywriting is an art of writing whose purpose is to convey a commercial message or advertising through commercial or historical examples. The basic objective of copywriting is to build your business by attracting attention and impressing customers.


In this, a person or organization publishes its products, services, or brand in written form to sell. It is not only based on business writing skills but also takes into account social and mental expressions so that the message reaches the heart and mind of the customer.


What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?


Copywriting and content writing both have great importance in the field of writing, but there are a few main differences between them.



Copywriting: Its main objective is to convey the business message or promotion, attract the business, and inspire the customers to buy.

Content writing: Its objective is to provide complete and useful knowledge, suggestions, or entertainment. This official helps the person towards education, love, or entertainment.


Language and form (tone and style):

Copywriting: It uses concise, effective, and highly structured language. Here, the art of collection writing is used to fulfill commercial purposes.

Content writing: It uses official, sensible, and personalized language. Here, a person is free to express his thoughts.



Copywriting: The basic goal here is to inspire customers to buy something, get them to subscribe to the brand, or accomplish a business objective.

Content writing: The main goal here is to provide knowledge and pleasure, but it is not aimed at influencing purchase.


Which formula is used for copywriting?


There are some key formulas in copywriting that help in formulating business messages and influencing customers. Some famous copywriting formulas have given niche:


AIDA model:

Attention: To attract customer’s attention.

Interest: To arouse one’s interests and to stop them.

Desire: To create what I desire, to make me feel the need.

Action: To induce them to buy food.


4 p’s formula:

Promise Making a promise to the customer.

Picture: To help them create a picture or experience in their mind.

Prove: To establish the promise, from the middle of the truth and the words.

Push: To motivate the customer to buy food.


These are some of the main copywriting formulas, but they can be different for every business message. Art is created in collaboration with knowledge, experience, and the business community.



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