16 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021

16 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021


16 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021– This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 16 November 2021 .


While performing which of the following dances, the words like bat, bat and hoye are usually repeated over and over by the dance ko?



Whether there is an option to enlarge the picture or text on the computer monitor?



While playing which of the following sports do not usually use stone as a sports equipment

Ans-ankh mecholi


How many sides will a rhombus have



Which post is he currently in?

Ans-Chief of Army Staff


Which actress is being called Bhabhi in this song?

Ans-Sara Ali Khan


Which of the following is an example of a poor conductor of electricity?

Ans- wooden plank


Who is the only President of India to be elected twice?

Ans-Dr Rajendra Prasad


When the driver suddenly applies the brakes in a moving bus, according to Newton’s first law, how is it

Ans- Will lean forward


Which celebrity is depicted through this picture?

Ans- Salim Ali


What will you get if you answer each question correctly in an exam?

Ans-Full Marks


What is the use of the button highlighted in green in this device

Ans-Volume Adjustment


Dhamaka Singh and Gobar Singh are enemies in comic books

Ans- Chacha Chaudhary


By what name is this freedom fighter popularly known?



Which of these angles has the least value

Ans- Acute angle


The name of which animal is derived from Greek which means terrible lizard?



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