17 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021

17 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021


17 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021– This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 17 November 2021 .

Eklavya, who learned the art of archery by taking inspiration from the idol of his guru, is the character of which ancient book?


India In October 2021, which Indian state banned government employees from participating in politics and elections?


The holy site Kedarnath is in which state or union territory?


Who is this cricketer

Ans- Mithali Raj

Identify this teenage scientist who got worldwide recognition for developing a device that detects the presence of Lead in water

Ans- Gitanjali Rao

With which emperor is Stambh Singh Chaturmukh related to Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh?


The first names of the current Chief Ministers of which two states start with the same English letter?

Ans- Orissa and Bihar

Which pri mat is this which is found only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Which Portuguese did Vasco da Gama start his journey on July 14th and he reached Calicut in India on 20th May 1998?


Which of these festivals or days is celebrated in India in the month of November

Ans- Children’s Day

The sum of which of these increases will be 45


Which of these teams will come last on moving from east to west

Ans- Rajasthan Royal

As per the title of a movie starring Aamir Khan and Darsheel Safary, where are the stars?

Ans- On the ground

What kind of powder will you use to fluff the cake?

Ans-Baking powder

Which of the following would generally be the Internet domain name of an educational institution?


Who is trying to wake up here?


Who is the singer of this song

Ans- Arijit Singh



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