KBC Questions and Answers 26 August 2021

KBC Questions and Answers 26 August 2021


KBC Questions And Answers 26 August 2021 – This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 26 August 2021 .


In February 2021, a part of which glacier broke off in Uttarakhand causing an avalanche in Chamoli district?

Ans- Nanda Devi

In which city is the Chaturbhuj temple situated where one of the world’s oldest inscriptions engraved in numerical form of zero is located?

Ans- Gwalior

Which of these planets is farthest from Earth?

Ans- Arun

Who among these became the last Miss World?

Ans- Priyanka Chopra

Which of the following is used in the use of milk, moong, lentils and carrots?

Ans- Halwa

With which of these Hindi idioms would you associate the status of a dubhida?

Ans- Falling in Udharbun

What is usually called an investor who formulates for a leader in lieu of the nature of ownership?

Ans- Angel Investors

What is the Sun mainly made of?

Ans- Gas


Mucor mycosis Which disease is better known by what name?

Ans- Black fungus

This leader is a member of Lok Sabha from which constituency since 2009?

Ans- Thiruvananthapuram

Bank pays interest on (Terms and conditions apply)

Ans- Deposit

Who said these words during his retirement speech at Wankhede “My life between 22 yards for 4 years at it’s hard to believe that that wonderful mother is coming to the end?

Ans- Sachin Tendulkar

Cyclone Toute is named after which type of organism?

Ans- Lizard

Which company invented the world’s first portable cell phone Dynatec 8000x?

Ans- Motorola

Who is the boxer who won the gold medal at the December 2020 Boxing World Cup, Cologne?

Ans- Amit Panghal

Which word was declared as its Hindi word of the year 2020 in Oxford language in February 2021?

Ans- Self-reliance

Which pair made their film debut as music composers with the Bhojpuri film ‘Dangal’ which featured a famous song called “Kashi Hile Patna Hile”?

Ans- Nadeem-Shravan

Which of these mountain ranges is located in the southernmost part of India?

Ans- Nilgiri

Which of these notes will come first when the notes of the music are arranged in ascending order?

Ans- Ray

Which of these cricketers has never captained the Indian cricket team?

Ans- VV Laxman

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