KBC Questions and Answers 03 November 2021

KBC Questions and Answers 03 November 2021

KBC Questions and Answers 03 November 2021– This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 03 November 2021 .


Q- The autobiography of which novelist, famous for his novel body like Sunil series Vimal series Sudhir Shree, is titled as ‘Nindak Niare Rakhiye’?

Ans- Surendra Mohan Pathak

Q- Which of these countries shares its terrestrial land border with the largest number of countries?

Ans- China

Q- Which player of the Indian men’s hockey team has been elected for a full second term in the International Hockey Federation Athletes Limited?

Ans- PR Sreejesh

Q- He was the first Governor of Reserve Bank of India and remained in this position from 1934 to 1937. He never signed any bank note during his tenure. Who is he?

Ans- Sir Osborne Smith

Q-Who together with Wilhelm Maybach invented one of the first high-speed internal combustion engines in the eighteenth century?

Ans- Goatlivdemler


Q- Who among the following is also a film director, producer, actress and choreographer?

Ans- Farah Khan

Q- If 100 centimeters together is 1 meter, then how many meters will be in one 10000 centimeters?

Ans- 100

Q- Whose office and residence is at 10 Downing Street London?

Ans- Prime Minister of United Kingdom


Q- Adding the name of which of these sweet things after lentils will make the name of a spice?

Ans- Sugar

Q- Which of these folk festivals is celebrated by the people of Punjab on the night before Maa Ki or Makar Sankranti?

Ans- Lohri

Q- This button found in different devices represents which command?

Ans- Power

Q- In cricket, which of the following gives a 1 run lead to the batting team’s score?

Ans- No ball

Q- Which class is related to the values ​​mentioned in this video?

Ans- Farmer

Q- Which instrument is seen here?

Ans- Yukleli

Q-The Statue of Liberty appears green in color due to the oxidation of which of the following elements?

Ans- Copper

Q- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or the disease that Stephen Hawking was suffering from is also known by which of the following names?

Ans-Lu Gehrig’s Dieses

Q-Which poet and writer is the author of works like Akha Waris Shah Noon and Sonar and was the first woman to win the Sahitya Akademi Award

Ans- Amrita Pritam


Q- Which of the following was first celebrated in the year 2021?

Ans- Valentine’s Day

Q- Which of the following is held or occurs at shortest intervals?

Ans- Lok Sabha elections

Q- The distance of which of these holy religious places is closest to Delhi

Ans- Kedarnath


Q-Which of these sweets is usually in the shape of a diamond

Ans- Kaju Katli


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