18 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021

18 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021

18 November KBC Online Quiz Que Ans 2021– This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 18 November 2021 .

Which is the lightest chemical element chemical element?


Tania Sachdev and Harika Dronavalli both represent India in which sport

Ans- Chess

Recently which country has started the world’s first automatic driverless train


Which of these two rivers join together to form the Ganges River?

Ans- Alaknanda and Bhagirathi


Who became the Education Minister of India after the cabinet reshuffle in July 2021

Ans- Dharmendra Pradhan

This mammal is the national animal of which neighboring country?



Which is the largest active volcano in the world

Ans- Myna Lowa

Which of the following historical building is not located in Lucknow

Ans- Qutb Shahi Tomb

Many moons of Uranus are named after the characters of which of these works of English literature?


After whom was the women regiment of Azad Hind Fauj named?

Ans- Rani of Jhansi

How many brains does this creature have?


Who is the youngest ever female gold medalist in the history of Winter and Summer Olympic Games?

Ans-Kim you me

Which of these words will come last when arranged in alphabetical order of Hindi?

Ans- Horse

Which of these words will come first in the national song of India?

Ans- Sujalam Sufalam

Which of these capital cities is closest to the Bay of Bengal by distance


Which of the following is not a color in the Indian National Flag?

Ans- Violet

Which of the following races are often organized in the school on the day of sports day?

Ans- Lemon and Spoon Race

Which of these cartoon characters is named after one of the brothers of the Pandavas?

Ans- Chhota Bheem

Sweat knight and tee are the types of clothes

Ans- shirt


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