YRKKH 11 September 2021 Full Episode

YRKKH 11 September 2021 Full Episode | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 September 2021 Written Update episode on moreshanaya.com

Kairav starts today’s episode by suggesting they cut the cake another day. Let Sirat sleep for now. Swarna likes Kairav’s idea. The balloon burst, and Sirat awoke. Sirat apologize to Goenkas. She says she has no idea how she slept. Manish and Surekha taunt Sirat yet again. Because of pain in her muscles, Sirat took painkillers and might have slept. “Stop apologizing,” Kartik asks Sirat. Manish add 7 murders done by her will be excused. Goenkas celebrate Kairav and Kartik’s birthdays ahead. Kairav and Kartik cut the cake and fed it to Sirat and others. Sirat says she will execute birthday partly flawlessly not like today.

Sirat prepares Goenkas a delicious breakfast in the morning. Kartik tells Sirat about his boxing campaign. He asks Sira to reach on time. She assures Kartik that she will be on time. Kairav gets lots of birthday gifts. He guess who has given what. On Kairav’s birthday, Sirat says he will receive one more surprise from her side. Kairav becomes excited.

Kartik and his team wait for Sirat. During the campaign, he asks his members not to waste Sirat’s time. Sirat reaches the orphanage. She urged the management to send a few children from the orphanage to celebrate Kairav’s birthday. Sirat waits for Kartik. Sirat does not arrive on time, and boxing campaign members tell Kartik that they cannot wait any longer for Sirat. Kartik tries to stop them, but is unsuccessful. Kartik calls Sirat and inquires about her location. Kairav’s surprise was planned by Sirat.

Afterward, Gayu, Swarna, and Suhasini discuss and conclude that Sirat is almost like a Naira. Adding decorations and snacks is what they do best; Sirat has perfected that managed everything just like Naira. Kartik overheard Swarna, Suhasini and Gayu talking. A Sirat disguised as a Naira shows up. Kartik and Goenkas stand shocked. Later, Sirat messed up the cake.

Kartik confronts Sirat about her new behavior. Sirat confessed that she tried becoming a Naira, but failed. She breaks down thinking she can’t balance work and family. Sirat apologize to Goenkas. Kartik tells Sirat that she is right, she cannot become like Naira.

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