YRKKH 02 September 2021 Written Update

YRKKH 02 September 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 02 September 2021 Written Update | YRKKH 02 September 2021 Written Update on moreshanaya.com

 Episode Starts with :-

Swarna and Suhasini thank Sirat for keeping Manish’s secret from Kartik. Suhasini claims that another girl would have helped the situation, but she has proven that no one other than her will be a perfect daughter-in-law of the house.

Sirat claims Sheela was wrong, thus she sided with Manish. Sirat is blessed by Suhasini and Swarna, who accompany her to the wedding venue. Akshu sobs. According to Kairav, Akshu wants the Goenkas to dance.

Sirat, Kartik, and the Goenkas dance to the tune “kab mene ye socha tha.” Mainsh’s hatred for Sirat, Akshilesh says, can’t overcome his love for Kartik. He insists on dancing with Mainsh as well. Mainsh takes part in the ceremony. Sheela too wants to dance but believes no one is calling her. Kairav looks at Sheela.

Sirat along with Kartik and Goenkas dance on ‘kab mene ye socha tha’ song. Akshilesh says to Mainsh hatred for Sirat can’t empower his love for Kartik. He insists Mainsh to dance too. Mainsh join the ceremony. Sheela wish to dance too and think no one is calling her. Kairav see Sheela.

He pushes her onto the dance floor. Sirat remains silent. Kairav tells Sirat not to be concerned because Sheela is her mother at the end of the day. He requests Sheela’s permission to phone her grandmother. Sheela becomes ecstatic and begins to dance. The Goenkas take a family photo.

Sirat and Kartik are getting married. Akhilesh and Mainsh take Kartik’s hand in theirs and ask Sirat to apply vermillion right now. Sirat is successful in applying vermillion to Kartik. As her target on point, Kartik compliments Sirat and suggests her name should be “Neeraj Chopra.”

Gayu claims that Kartik, on the other hand, will readily apply vermillion to Sirat. Sirat requests that Keerti bring a ladder. It’s difficult for Kartik to apply vermillion to Sirat. Kairav inquires of Kartik as to whether he will cause the groom’s side to lose.

Kartik declines. He leaps to his feet to apply vermillion to Sirat. Sirat is caught in Kartik’s arms. Sirat is complimented by Sheela. Sirat made a pledge to Kartik that he would always be by her side.

Kartik and Sirat also go around the wedding circle, vowing to support each other through thick and thin. Kairav expresses gratitude to God. When he sees Naira, he gets excited. Kairav is wished good luck by Naira’s soul.

Kairav considers himself fortunate to have Sirat in his and Akshu’s lives. Kartik and Sirat seek the blessings of their elders. Sirat may have married Kartik, but she will never be his daughter-in-law, according to Mainsh. Sirat and Kartik get gifts from the Goenkas.

Kairav afterwards gave Sirat a gift card, addressing her as “Mumma.” Sirat is overcome with emotion after getting a kind gift from Kairav. Kairav is hugged by her. Sirat is taunted by Surekha for completing a ceremony. Naksh, according to Keerti, has sent dishes for the rite on Sirat’s behalf. Sheela, as Sirat’s mother, demanded that the ceremony be performed. Suhasini consents.

Precap: Swarna instructs Sirat to place the plates on the floor quietly. Sheela reminds Sirat that no one can take Naira’s position in Goenka’s life. Sirat becomes distracted and misses the ritual.


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