Criminal Justice Adhura Sach Episode 4 Review

Criminal Justice Adhura Sach Episode 3 Review

Criminal Justice Adhura Sach Episode 3 Review

In today’s episode, Mukul’s mother hires Madhav Mishra [Pankaj Tripathi] as his lawyer. Mukul is sent to the juvenile jail, where he is harassed by criminals who are under the age of 18.

In the court, Mukul’s bail application is rejected because he broke the eyes of a boy in anger in the past, so the court considers him violent and rejects his bail application.

In the case of Zara, the media gives a lot of attention and also connects the murder with Rape, whereas Rape does not exist…

Following Rape’s news story, the boys of Juvenile Home harass Mukul even more, and Mukul pushes one of his goons, leading to a fight.

Mukul’s mother wants him to attend Zara’s funeral. Madhav Mishra again files a bail application, but the bail application is rejected, but Mukul is permitted to attend the funeral.

Mukul is warned by Madhav that people are waiting outside waiting to take revenge on you. Keep your mind calm if anyone does say anything to you.

After funeral, Madhav asks Mukul’s mother, if Mukul didn’t do it, then someone did, and Mukul’s mother points to Moti as the suspect. Due to some things, Madhav’s suspicion also increases on Moti.

Meanwhile, Mukul is locked in a closed tank filled with water in the juvenile home by juvenile goons. 

What is going to happen to Mukul? Will Mukul be able to get out of that water tank in the next episode?…….

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