YRKKH 28 Aug 2021 Written Update

YRKKH 28 Aug 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 Aug 2021 Written Update | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update episode 354 on moreshanaya.com


As the episode begins, Kartik says that if he doesn’t pour his heart out then he won’t be able to live in peace. To propose to Sirat, he displays their engagement ring and gets down on his knees. Sirat remains silent. Kartik tells Sirat that he started to love and like her. It’s all about love, he says. Sirat stands stunned.

Manish looks for Kartik. He gets angry on Sirat for fooling Kartik. Keerti interrupts Goenkas by revealing that Kartik loves Sirat. Akshilesh says Kartik cannot love Sirat as Naira cannot replace her in his life. 

Although Keerti says that Naira cannot be replaced, this does not mean life will stop when she is gone. Kartik wants to move on, and Sirat is the only one capable of doing so. Swarna asks Keerti if Sirat is also in love with Kartik. Keerti says they will know after Kartik proposes to her.

here, Kartik says to Sirat that none can replace Naira in his life but she made other place in his heart. 

It is impossible for him to imagine life without her now. She filled the void in his life. Kartik promises to bring happiness to Sirat. Sirat remains silent. 

Keerti asks Manish why he does not want Kartik to live happily with Sirat. Swarna and Suhasini encourage Manish to accept Sirat. Manish refuses to accept Sirat.

Sirat is told that Kartik will never leave her alone and will fill her life with so much happiness that she will never curse her luck again. 

Sirat is asked if she will marry him. Sirat remembers her time with Goenka. She rejects Kartik’s proposal and tells him that she is not in love with him. 

Kartik was shocked. On the other hand, Sirat weeps for Kartik. According to her, Kartik should move on with his family since she thinks her decision is right. 

Kartik comes and tells Sirat not to feel guilty about what she did. Sirat wonders why Kartik is so good.

Ahead, Manish along with Goenkas wait for Kartik and Sirat. Kartik and Sirat come back. Manish confronts Kartik about the fake marriage he had with Sirat. 

Kartik explains the reasons for his actions. Sirat is returning to Jaisalmer, he revealed further. Suhasini panics and Manish says that Sirat made the right decision. 

Sirat apologizes to Goenkas for lying. She says that she is moving far away from Kartik and his family. Swaran asks Sirat to rethink her decision. Sirat wishes to meet Vansh, Kairav, and Akshu one last time.

Later, Kartik tears up as he recalls his moment with Sirat. Manish talks to Kartik. Kartik tells Manish that he never thought he would replace Naira in his life, but he is in love with Sirat. 

Manish felt bad for Kartik when he confessed he was tired of being alone. Manish decides to stop Sirat for Karitk’s sake. Kartik stops Manish.


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