YRKKH 27 Aug 2021 Written Update

YRKKH 27 Aug 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 Aug 2021 Written Update | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update episode 353 on moreshanaya.com


In today’s episode, Sirat says she will not leave the ring before the match. Manager asks security to evict Sirat. Sirat punches security. The security team steps back. Manager tells Goenkas to step aside or federation will discard him.


Swaarna tells Manager to let the Federation come see how he fixes the match. The manager agreed to allow Sirat to play. Kartik encourages Sirat to give it her all and to remember Mauri’s last wish when the match starts.


He says he is glad to see her strong. According to Sirat, she does not understand how she turned strong after losing hope years ago. Kartik wished Sirat the best of luck. She searches for Sikander. Kartik says Keerti might bring him. Sikander and Keerti arrive. Sikander requests Sirat with him. She is about to leave. Kartik stops Sirat repeatedly. Sirat is asked to take care of herself. Kartik wishes Sirat the best of luck.


Keerti asks Kartik if he has fallen for Sirat. Kartik replies that he is confused. Keerti suggests that Kartik think about Sirat and give her good news post the match. Kartik hugs Keerti.


Later, Sirat plays and wins the match. Goenkas and Sikander are happy. Sirat thanks Sikander. Sikander thanks Sirat and says along with her, he won too.  


Goenkas congratulate Sirat. Ahead, Kartik take care of Sirat. Sirat miss Mauri. In addition, she requests that Kartik tell Goenkas the truth about their marriage. Surekha discovers the truth and reveals it to Manish.


Manish receives a shocking call. Goenkas was informed that the pipeline had burst at the house and there was an urgent situation. He decide to leave. Kartik says to Goenkas that he will go with them as well. Kartik is asked to stay until Sirat medal ceremony by Manish.


Surekha tells the Goenkas that the wedding of Kartik and Sirat is a fake. Goenkas stands shocked. There, the media attempts to interview Sirat. Kartik and Sirat refuse to speak to the media and say they keep changing. Media apologize to Sirat. Sirat advises media to utilize their power wisely rather than defaming the person with it.

Manish is shocked to learn that Keerti and Kairav know about Kartik’s lies. Sirat gives credit to Kartik for her win. Kartik realizes how much he loves Sirat and proposes to her. He brought Sirat to the ring. 

Precap: Kartik proposes to Sirat. 


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