YRKKH 26 Aug 2021 Written Update

YRKKH 26 Aug 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 Aug 2021 Written Update | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update episode 352 on moreshanaya.com


Episode Starts with :-

Today’s episode begins with Sirat stating that there is less chance of her being found not guilty in Ranveer’s case. Kartik inquires of Sirat as to the reason for her altered personality. Narendranath observes Sirat and believes she is now revealing her true colours to everyone. Sirat, he believes, is making his path easier. Kartik questions Sirat about why she is losing her cool.

Sirat declares that she will no longer tolerate taunts and decides to leave the area. Swarna requests that Sirat not leave her home. Sirat claims that the house does not belong to her. She walks off into. Mainsh loses his balance. Kartik stands by Manish as Sirat walks away.

Sirat begged the man in the crowd to let her play the game. The man claims that the case is still ongoing. Sirat tries to persuade management to let her play the game. Sirat is allowed to play with a condition by management. They request that she bring proof of her innocence to the tournament. Sirat is taken aback. Kartik, on the other hand, travels to Narendranath.

Narendra is adamantly opposed to speaking with Kartik. Kartik claims that because of the way Sirat misbehaved with the Goenkas, he realised Narendra was always correct. Narendra tells Kartik that he is a co-conspirator in Sirat’s crime. Kartik tells Narendra that he, too, wishes to avenge Sirat. He requests that Narendra assist him and remove Goenka’s name from the case because Manish is in the hospital.

Narendra flatly refuses. Kartik dupes Narendra emotionally. Narendra falls victim to Kartik’s deception, and the former spills the beans on how he trapped Sirat in a false case. Narendra is apprehended by an inspector who enters Chauhan’s home. Narendra swears he will not spare Kartik.

Kartik tells Narendra about how the Goenkas banded together and staged a drama in front of the media to catch him. Saroj, please come and cut her ties with Narendra. Kartik’s efforts are lauded by Manish. Kartik makes the decision to inform Sirat of the good news.

He pays a visit to the boxing club and informs Sirat that all charges against her have been dropped. Goenkas pays a visit to the club to watch Sirat’s match. Sirat learns she will not be able to compete in Nationals. Kartik and Goenkas attempt to persuade management to let Sirat play.

Sirat is asked to try again next year by management. Later, Sirat enters the boxing ring to forcefully compete in the match. Sirat is encouraged by Kartik and Goenkas.

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