YRKKH 25 Aug 2021 Written Update

YRKKH 25 Aug 2021 Written Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 Aug 2021 Written Update | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update episode 351 on moreshanaya.com


Kartik begins today’s episode by asking Sirat not to say that no one is there for her. He goes on to say that he is there for her because he loves her. Sirat is speechless. Sirat and Kartik are interrupted by Kairav. He requests that the two meet with Suhasini, who is looking for them. Sirat informs Kairav that they are discussing something important and that they will meet Suhasini later.

Sirat tells Kartik that he doesn’t need to say anything because everyone knows what a good friend he is. She begs Kartik to tell the Goenkas about their false wedding.

Kartik prevents Sirat from telling Goenkas the truth. He claims she will not tell the truth in Ranveer’s case until she comes clean. Kartik believes he will confess his feelings later because Sirat is stressed and will be unable to understand his emotions.

Suhasini then requests that Kartik and Sirat transform into RadhaKrishna for Janmashtami. Suhasini is reassured by Kartik. Suhasini is overjoyed. Sirat is enraged at Kartik for assuring Suhasini that they will turn RadhaKrishna.

She predicts that Goenkas will despise them after discovering the truth about their phoney marriage. Sirat is tense. Kartik approaches Sirat and informs her that he did not say she would turn Radha. Sirat inquires as to what he meant. Kartik says he’ll enlist the help of another artist to transform Krishna and Radha. Sirat is unconcerned. Kartik decides to keep his feelings to himself for the time being.

Kartik begs God to show him a way to assist Sirat. Meanwhile, Kartik learns that Narendra’s flight has been cancelled and that they must seize this opportunity. Kartik inquires of the Lawyer as to whether or not she has a plan. Lawyer says she’ll figure something out. Kartik thanks God for guiding them in a new direction. Kartik finds out later that the artists are not coming. He is stressed because he believes he promised Suhasini something.

Suhasini is awaiting RadhaKrishna. Sirat takes control of the microphone and introduces Kairav and Akshu as RadhaKrishna. Goenkas is smitten when he sees Kairav and Akshu. Kartik is taken aback. Later, Kairav dances to the song [Jo hai Albela]. Karitk fantasises about dancing with Sirat. Back to reality, Goenkas applauds Kairav. Kartik inquires of Sirat how she managed to teach Kairav the dance so beautifully. Sirat claims that if a learner is good, teaching becomes simple.

Later, the media reports on Janmashtami news and accuses the Goenkas of celebrating the festival. Manish blames Sirat for everything that has gone wrong. Sirat confronts Manish and tells him to stop accusing her of everything. Kartik and Goenkas are stunned.

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