yrkkh 24 September 2021 Full Episode

yrkkh 24 September 2021 Full Episode

yrkkh 24 September 2021 Full Episode | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 September 2021 Written Update episode on moreshanaya.com

On today’s episode, Kartik asks Swarna and Suhasini not to speak about the stolen bangles to Sirat. He asks them to behave normally until Sirat returns. Sirat comes to Suhasini and asks her to get polished her bangles. Suhasini offers an explanation. 

She is asked if she fears losing the bangles. The jewellery store is closed today, Swarna tells Sirat. Sirat is convinced. She decide to drop Kairav to the school. Sirat is asked to step back and take care of Akshu and the upcoming baby by Kairav. 

Suhasini cries out for her bangles. Overhearing Suhasini, Swarna, Gayu, & Surekha, Sirat learned that Shelia took the bangles. Shelia is confronted by Sirat about her bangles. Sheila hides the truth. Sirat learns from Sheila that she sold the bangles so she could return the money to the buyers. Sheila makes Sirat angry. 

Then she takes her to find the bangles. Sirat searches for the bangles. Kartik returns Suhasini’s mother’s bangles to her here. When Suhasini sees the bangles, she gets overwhelmed. 

Kartik reveals he bought the bangles from a market that sells stolen goods. Further, he asks not to inform Manish and Sirat. Seeing Manish, Gayu, Surekha, Suhasini and Swarna are stunned.

Sirat then asks Sheila to confess her crime to Goenkas. Sheila tries to flee. 

Sheila’s actions made Sirat feel sad because it lowered her in front of Goenkas. Sheila is sent to jail by Sheila. Sirat asks Sheila for permission to leave. 

Meanwhile, Kartik says to Manish that they are also concerned about Sirat, but that doesn’t mean they will cover up Sheila’s deed. Kartik tells Manish that Sirat is important, so they can’t discuss Sheila with him for now. 

Sheila’s crime was confessed by Sirat. Kartik had found the bangles before, which shocked her. Sirat apologizes to Goenkas for Sheila’s actions. She decide to punish Sheila. 

Kartik says it is not necessary. Manish regrets asking Sheila for help in the past. ‘Don’t feel bad,’ Swarna tells Manish. Manish says the upcoming baby will be raised as Gonekas was.

Sirat and Kartik spend quality time together. Kairav brings ice-cream. Sirat is happy. Both Kairav and Kartik say they want a girl. Sirat gets ready the next day. Kartik gets mesmerized seeing her.

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