yrkkh 23 September 2021 Full Episode

yrkkh 23 September 2021 Full Episode

yrkkh 23 September 2021 Full Episode | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 September 2021 Written Update episode on moreshanaya.com

Sirat smell the dish similar to Mauri. Swarna brings Sirat sweets. Seeing the dish, Sirat gets excited. Swarna asks her where she got the recipe. Swarna says she got the recipe from the internet. Sirat ate three plates of sweets. She becomes happy. 

Sheela arrives at the Goenka house. Sirat asks Goenkas not to curse her food. Sirat and Goenkas stand shocked. Sheela revealed to Sirat and others that Swarna asked her for help making sweet for Sirat. Goenkas stand stunned.

In a flashback, Swarna calls Sheela to inquire about Mauri’s lapsi recipe. Swarna asks Sheela what the reason is. Swarna says Sirat once mentioned lapsi, so she wants to cook for her. Swarna is neither innocent nor a fool, says Sheela. Further, she decided to share the recipe with Swarna. In reality, Sheela says she will cook good food for Sirat.

Sirat tells her that she does not need her. According to Swarna, Sirat was craving lapsi, so Sheela helped her. Sirat tells Sheela not to worry, she will cook the food she will crave next. Sirat asks Kartik to ask the driver to drop Sheela off at the bus stop. Sheela refuses to leave her house. He stops Sheela.

Sirat gets angry when Kartik stops Sheela. Sheela may harm her. Karlit’s console disturbed Sirat. Swarna apologizes to Sirat for bringing Sheela ahead. Sirat requests that Swarna not apologize. Swarna praises her as a mother, and she promises to be the same. Kairav overhears Sirat’s conversation. Sirat thanks God for giving him a mother like her.

Sheela brought Sirat juice the next day. Sirat refuses to drink juice from Sheela’s hand. Sheela tries to convince Sirat that she has changed. Sirat does not believe Sheela. Sheela says Sirat doesn’t understand she needs a lot of money. The landlord calls and asks for two days’ notice. Sheela searches for a way to arrange money.

Sirat notices the gold bangles and learns they belong to Suhasini’s mother. She trusts Sirat and so gives her the bangles. Sirat hesitates to accept the bangle. Sirat is asked by Surekha to take extra care of the bangles because they are expensive. Sheela decides to steal the bangles in order to arrange the money.

Sirat later worries about the bangles. Sirat is told not to worry by Kartik. Suhasini searches for her bangles. Sheela is doubted by Goenkas. Kartik decides to retrieve the bangles from Sheela. 

Kartik asks Suhaini and Swarna to hide Sheela’s truth from Sirat. When Sirat learns about the missing bangles, she is shocked

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