yrkkh 17 September 2021 Full Episode

yrkkh 07 january written update

yrkkh 17 September 2021 Full Episode

yrkkh 17 September 2021 Full Episode | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 September 2021 Written Update episode on moreshanaya.com

Suhasini asks Swarna not to be upset by Prabhas’ words. Prabha was upset, so she said those things. Swarna says to Suhasini that she felt great taking Sirat’s side.

Suhasini tells Swarna that the house could never get a good mother like her or Sirat. Swatha hugs Suhasini. Kairav teaches Sirat English .Sirat asks Gayu why she is learning English. 

As Sirat plans to play on an international level, she should be familiar with English. Gayu smile. Kartik asks Sirat if she is okay. Swati and Suhasini ask Sirat what happened to her. Maybe because of less sleep, Sirat fainted.

Sirat feels nauseated. Manish asks if food will be criticized in the house. Sirat apologizes and says maybe the medicine she took caused her nausea. 

Sirat feeds Akshu food. Kairav asks Sirat to feed him too since she has two hands. Sirat feed both. Swarna asks Sirat if she is OK with Akshu wearing Kirti’s dess. According to her, the dress will protect Akshu from evil eye. Sirat says she won’t mind. Swarna asks Sirat to take the clothes from the storeroom.

Kartik meets Sirat and gets romantically involved with her. She learns about Shubham. Kartik tells how Swarna hid Shubham’s identity from him and Keerti so they would not feel complicated by him. 

Swarna shouldn’t miss Shubham, says Sirat. Kartik tells Sirat that Swarna never tells her how much she misses Shubham in front of her. Sirat wonders how Shubham died.

Kartik told her that after Shubham learned Swarna had left him young, he began taking drugs. He died from an overdose of drugs. Kartik asks Sirat not to remember Shubham too much.

Swarna questions Surekha about her support of Prabha on stepmother talk. Sirat might have felt bad, she says. Swarna and Surekha were overheard by Sirat. Surekha says to Swarna that she is a million in one, but they can’t expect the same from Sirat. Post-Sirat, she will give birth to her own child and oversee Kairav and Akshu.

Sirat interrupts Surekha and tells her not to worry about Kairav and Akshu as she will never overlook them. As a result of Mauri’s upbringing, she has good values. Sirat learns she is pregnant later. She becomes happy. Sirat recall Surekha’s word and stopped herself from sharing the news with Kartik. 

Kartik learns about Sirat’s pregnancy. He is angry with Sirat for covering up the truth. Kartik confronts Sirat about her pregnancy. Sirat stands shocked.


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