YRKKH 14 September 2021 Full Episode

YRKKH 14 September 2021 Full Episode

YRKKH 14 September 2021 Full Episode | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 September 2021 Written Update episode on moreshanaya.com

Sirat sees Kairav in this episode. Sirat saves Kairav as he is about to fall. Sirat saved Kairav just in time, so he should not worry. Swarna and Gayu go to bring snacks. Kartik thanks Sirat for filling the gap in their lives. Earlier, Kairav was receiving love, but he was still upset.

Previously, Kartik took tension over Kairav and Akshu, but now that she is here, he is glad. Sirat says she loves Kairav and Akshu as well.

Swarna says there is only one cupcake left. Both Kartik and Kairav want to eat the cake. The two take part in a cupcake challenge. Kartik and Kairav are tied. Sirat declares the winner after Vansh asks him. Sirat side Kairav. Kartik says Sirat performs the partiality.

Sirat seeks to understand the meaning of partiality. Sirat understands what Kartik means when he says she is biased. She says that if she has to choose between children and Kartik, she will always support the children. Kartik says that everything is going well in their lives now. The candle blows off.

The Goenkas decide to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. Sirat seeks permission to make Lord Ganesh’s idol. Suhasini allows Sirat. Kirav and Vansh decide to take a break from school to celebrate Chaturthi. Their request to Kartik is to skip school so that they can spend time with her.

Kartik helps Kairav and Vansh. Sirat goes against the decision and explains that Kairav and Vansh should not miss school, and they can celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi after they return home. Kairav and Vansh prepare to leave for school. Manish says Kairav and Vansh aren’t in high school, so they aren’t allowed to skip school. Sirat apologize to Kartik for interrupting his decision. Kartik says Kairav belongs to her as well. He gives the kiss to Sirat.

Lord Ganesh’s idol is made by Sirat. As she makes the Bal Ganesha, she wonders if the Lord wants to visit their house in that form. In her dream, Sirat sees an infant. Who is he? Kairav and Vansh return early from school.

Sirat is worried about how they returned so early. Kairav and Vansh hide the truth from Sirat and Goenkas. Sirat decides to find out why Kairav and Vansh returned so early.

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