yrkkh 02 October 2021 Full Episode

yrkkh 07 january written update

      yrkkh 02 October 2021 Full Episode

yrkkh 02 October 2021 Full Episode | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update on moreshanaya.com

The episode begins with Kartik entering the room. Sirat is asked to have breakfast by him. She asks if he is angry with her. Kartik replies that he is a little angry. He apologizes to Sirat for asking her to join the boxing match. Kartik gets a call and excuses himself. 

Sirit reads about the Asian boxing championship in the newspaper. Kartik informed Gayu that Sirat had seen the news, and she should execute the next step. Gayu said she is prepared. Vansh, Kairav, Gayu, and Kartik all join together to convince Sirat to take part in boxing.

Surekha asks Gayu how Kairav and Vansh came up with the idea to call their friends at home. Then he told Surekha that Vansh had been asking her for a long time to take him out. She suggested that the two of them call their friends to get together. Swarana tells Gayu that she did well. 

Vansh and Kairav gather their friends at home. They eagerly introduce their friends to Aarohi and Akshu. Kairav’s friend asks if Aarohi will become a boxer like Sirat. Swarna replies that they cannot predict the future. The kids out there talk to Sirat about boxing. Kartik believes his plan is working.

Vansh’s friend asks Sirat to show some punches. Kairav insists Sirat do so. Sirat says he has not practiced for a long time. Kairav gives Sirat a boxing glove and says he only asked him not to backstep without trying. She recalls her boxing moment and punches the punch bag hard. Kairav and Vansh are impressed. Sirat leaves. She wonders why it is so hard for her to stick to her decision.

Aarohi is a small girl and Sirat says she needs to be a good mother first. Karlik tells Sirat that it is not difficult to be a good boxer and a mother at the same time. Sirat tells Kartik that she wants to be a good mother first. Rather than making their daughter her weakness, Sirat is asked to be an example to them.

Sirat decides to join the championship after being convinced. Kartik told her how he planned to convince her to box with him. Sirat worries about Suhasini and Manish. Sirat is told by Kartik not to worry and to focus on her boxing. Manish and Suhasini are offended. Manish asks Kartik not to hamper his work. Kartik assures him.

In response to Sirat, Swarana and Gayu tell him not to worry; they will look after Aarohi and Akshu. Sirat worries about Aarohi and Akshu. Swarna tells her not to worry. Kartik takes Sirat to the club. 

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