YRKKH 01 September 2021 full episode WU

YRKKH 01 September 2021 full episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 01 September 2021 Written Update | YRKKH 01 September 2021 full episode WU episode on moreshanaya.com

 Episode Starts with :-

Swarna asks Sirat what she is doing in today’s episode. Sirat tells Akshu that she was feeding him. Swaarna says Akshu might spill food or strain her dress. Sirat sees her strain and worry now that photos will be ruined. Kairav gets smitten when he sees Sirat. In response, Sirat asks Kairav if he’s lying. Kirav says he’s serious. Swarna tells Kairav about the strain. Kairav comes up with an idea to hide the strain.

Suhasini gets happy when she sees Kartik. Goenkas await Sirat. Kartik falls for Sirat as soon as he sees her. He inquires about the badge on the dress. Swarna tells Goenkas about the strain, and Kairav tells Swarna that they made the ‘Goenkas Rock’ badge to cover it up. Kartik says each member of Goenkas deserves the badge. Kairav, Sirat, and Vansh help him make the badge. Kartik compliment Sirat.

Suhasini waited for Pandit. Sheela enters the place and desires to attend the wedding of Sirat. Further, she threatened Manish to give her money or else she would expose him for what he did along with Riya to break Kartik and Sirat’s alliance. Manish and Surekha ask Sheela whether she has lost it. Sheela asks Mainsh to give her the money or she will expose him. Manish asks Sheela to expose him as he is ready.

Manish goes to Goenkas and reveal to them about Sheela’s threatening. He question Sirat upbringing too. Mainsh says Sheela wants to expose him as he tried to break Kartik alliance with Sirat. Even though he is against the marriage now, he is bending to Sirat because of Kartik. Sirat overhear Manish talk and stands teary.

Kartik asks Sirat if anything has happened. Sirat remains silent. According to Surekha, Sirat will provoke Manish against him and that he will provoke Kartik against him. She adds Kartik might leave them because of Sirat. Suhasini and Swarna are on the side of Sirat. Sirat and Kartik come together. Sheela believes Goenkas can do drama, but she won’t leave the house without money.

Kartik confronts Sheela about the money. Then he prepares to hand over money to Sheela. Sirat prevents Kartik from handing over the money. Kartik says he’s willing to provide money in return for Sheela staying away from Sirat. Sheela gets ready. Sirat gets angry on Sheela. The Pandit arrives and the Goenkas prepare for Sirat and Kartik’s wedding.



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