Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Updates 28-09-2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Updates 28-09-2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Updates 28-09-2021 by moreshanaya

On today’s episode, the doctor tells Sirat they will attempt a natural delivery, but if it fails, they’ll need Kartik’s permission. Sirat informs Kartik that he isn’t with her. Doctor asks if anyone else would like to sign. Sirat says that no one else is with her except Kairav. Kairav asks the Doctor not to wait for Kartik and to cure Sirat immediately.

The Doctor assures Kairav. She instructs the nurse not to let Sirat sleep and to make other arrangements. Kairav is praying to God to take care of Sirat, and he is looking at Akshu. He asks God to send Kartik as well.

Kartik gives a good presentation here. Manish praises him. Akshilesh tells Kartik he will attend the next meeting in Jaipur. Kartik declines, saying he would like to stay with Sirat until the birth. He then calls Sirat. Suhasini replies that the puja was successful. Swarna is asked to call the driver.

Sirat becomes unconscious. The doctor worries about him. Kairav asks if Kartik is coming. He says he can’t reach him. The doctor asks if anyone else can call. Kairav says no one is answering. He pray for Sirat. Kartik calls Kairav and learns about Sirat. Goenkas also learn about Sirat. Goenkas and Kartik races against the clock to meet Sirat. Kartik motivates Sirat over the phone. Kairav looks after Akshu. Kartik and others reach the hospital. Kartik asks Kairav how he is.

He calls Kairav brave. He tells Kairav not to worry as Sirat is just as brave. Kartik and Goenkas learn that Sirat’s normal delivery won’t happen, so they will have to have a Caesarean section. Kartik worries for Sirat and asks Dr. Das to let him meet Sirat. Dr. Das refuses. Swarna insists Kartik.

Sirat is told not to worry by Kartik. He asks her to keep her promise. He tells her to take care of herself and the baby. Sirat assure Kartik. The doctor operates on Sirat. Kartik signs the paper. Afterward, Kairav describes how he and Sirat reached the hospital with Akshu and Sirat. When Kartik hears this, he becomes teary. Goenkas also cry.

The doctors tell Kartik that they won’t be able to save the child. Kartik is furious. Manish consoles him. The Goenkas pray for Sirat’s well-being. She gives birth to a girl. Kartik and others are delighted.

Swarna says the baby will be fine. For Kartik and Sirat, the baby has to get better, otherwise he will be broken. He gives her a bracelet. Kairav decodes Akshu’s intention to give the bracelet to the baby. The baby responds when Kairav keeps the bracelet near her. Swarna, Kartik, and Manish are shocked.

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