The Big Bull Movie Review 

By | October 1, 2022

The Big Bull 2021 Movie Review 

The big bull 2021 movie review | The big bull 2021 movie directed by Kookie Gulati And Produced By Ajay Devgan And Team


Release Date – 8th April 2021

Language – Hindi

Director – Kookie Gulati

Producer – Ajay Devgan , Anand Pandit ,Vikrant Sharma ,Kumar Mangal Pathak.

The big bull cast – Abhishek Bachchan  – Lead Role As Hemant Shah

Other Stars :- Ileana D’cruz , Sohum Shah,Nikita Dutta,Mahesh Manjrekar Ram Kapoor Etc.


The Big Bull 2021 Review 


After watching this movie, it seems as if this movie has been made on the life of Totally Harshad Mehta, in this movie there is a character named Hemant Shah who is a Gujarati and who has the habit of walking fast, he did not learn to walk slowly.

The story of how he reached from one chawl of Mumbai to the palaces shows this.

This movie shows How Hemant Shah made money from a share market tip, then he became a broker and how he took advantage of the loopholes of banking system and earned money from both the banks and the stock market.

It has been told that how Hemant Shah used to control the price of shares in the stock market, he had the power to up-down the shares of the company he wanted.

His habit of walking too fast became a loss for him and overconfidence drowned him.

Someone gave information about his exploits to a journalist and the journalist started writing about him and then the journey of Hemant Shah’s ruin began.

CBI and Income Tax department ,all raided his office and house and gathered evidence against him.

In the climax of this story, Hemant Shah had to go to jail 2 times, yet it ended with a heart attack in jail.

This movie must be seen by those interested in the share market, I liked the movie and felt that I should write a short summary, so I wrote for you guys.


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