Siya Movie Review Story Trailer

Siya Movie Review Story Trailer


Siya 2022 Movie Review – You should read movie reviews before watching a film if you want to know what to expect Especially if you don’t enjoy going to the movies all that much, it’s difficult to decide which movies are worth your time A review of Siya 2022 gives you a taste of what to expect from the film. Siya Movie Review Story Trailer –  Siya is directed by Manish Mundra and Produced by Drishyam Films.


Details about Siya 2022 Movie Review

Let’s find out about the stars, directors, producers, and other details of the Siya 2022 Movie You can find detailed information about the Siya 2022 Movie release date, cast, plot, and more right here 


Siya 2022 Movie Details

Title  – Siya 

Type – Crime Drama, Thrill

Produced by – Drishyam Films

Directed by – Manish Mundra

Release Date – 16 Sept 2022

Siya 2022 Star Cast – Pooja Pandey & Vineet Kumar Singh


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Story of Siya 2022 Movie

The film tells the story of seventeen-year-old Siya. Who takes care of the responsibilities of the whole family. Siya is a good girl who wants to stand on her own feet so she wants a job. Therefore, she gets in touch with her uncle’s friend who has a law degree and works as a notary lawyer in Delhi.

Meanwhile, the MLA there invites her on the pretext of getting her a job and does wrong things with her. As a result, the men of that MLA also fall behind Siya.

One day, Siya secretly plans to go to Delhi, but MLA’s men kidnapped her at the bus stand. They keep Siya captive with them and gang-rape her every day.

Siya’s parents take the help of a lawyer from Delhi to find Siya, but the police refuse to write an FIR. When a journalist learns of this incident, after meeting the lawyer, he prints this information in the paper.

The MLA then asks the police to arrest his goons, but this all happens at the MLA’s request, and the police also take Siya for medical treatment after cleaning her, so nothing can be tracked. Siya was forbidden by the police to speak against the MLA.

Afterward, Siya was sent to Delhi with her family, and all the accused were released there. Siya meets the lawyer and tells him I want justice; I want to fight.

You will have to watch the movie to find out what happens next.


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Frequently Asked Questions: –


When will the “Siya 2022” Movie be released?

This movie has released on the date [16 Sept 2022] on theaters.


Where can I watch Siya 2022?

This movie has released on Theaters on the date 16 Sept 2022, if you want to watch this Movie, you have to visit the theater.


Is this movie worth watching with kids?

No, there are some gang rape scenes which cannot be seen with children.



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