Samantar Season 2 Web Series – MX Player

Samantar Season 2 Web Series mx player

Samantar Season 2 Web Series – MX Player Review Cast Story

Samantar Season 2 Web Series – MX Player by Moreshanaya

The Samantar storey is worth watching and is based on Suhas Shirvalkar’s novel . Here’s everything you need to know about Samantar season 2: the release date, cast, plot, and more.

Title Samantar
Type Web Series
Genre Mystery , Drama
Total Episodes 10
Season 2
IMDB Ratings 8 / 10
OTT Platform MX Player
Language Marathi , Hindi , Tamil , Telugu
Star Cast
  • Swapnil Joshi,
  • Tejaswini Pandit,
  • Nitish Bharadwaj
  • Sai Tamhankar

Kumar Mahajan, worried by his life and everyday problems, seeks the help of a Swamiji to learn about his destiny.

When Swamiji sees his hand, he says, “I’ve seen this hand before,” adding, “This person lived his life 30 years ago, and whatever happened to him will happen to you.”

On the advice of Swamiji, Kumar Mahajan sets out in search of Sudarshan Chakrapani. He meets Chakrapani. Chakrapani hands him the diary and tells him that it contains both Chakrapani’s past and Mahajan’s future. Chakrapani tells him not to mention the diary to anyone and to read only one page per day.

The entire series follows the storey of Sudarshan Chakrapani, his wife, and Sundara, who entered Chakrapani’s life thirty years ago, paralleling what is happening in Kumar Mahajan’s life as well. They share the same life and possibly the same fate.

Kumar Mahajan’s father in law Sharad asks his daughter Neema to leave Kumar alone. But Kumar Mahajan’s life changes the moment the diary is discovered. He is hired as a division manager at ‘Shah and Company,’ and the company provides him with a bungalow and a car in Kolhapur.Kumar Mahajan reaches Kolhapur with his wife Neema and eight-year-old son Sanju .

As long as he is truthful, his life is a happy one. As a result, he has a strained relationship with Pratap Bavaskar, an old customer of ‘Shah and Company.’Pratap Bavaskar sends Kumar a bag full of cash as a bribe.

Kumar reads the page of the diary where it says, “A woman will come into life.” Kumar makes the decision that he will not allow any woman into his life. However, when he returns from work late at night, Neema’s questions irritate him.

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