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Raat Baaki Hai Movie, Cast, Review on Zee 5


Raat Baaki Hai Movie Cast Review on Zee 5 | This is a Suspense-Thriller film directed by Avinash Das. The main cast of Raat Baaki Hai includes Anup Soni, Paoli Dam, Rahul Dev, and others.

Here are all  basic information about “Raat Baaki Hai,” such as the Director, Producer, Writer, Star Cast, Production Company, IMDb Ratings, Platform name where it was distributed, etc.

Movie/Web Series Raat Baaki Hai
Type Movie
Language Hindi
Genres Crime, Thriller, Drama
IMDb Ratings 5.3 / 10
OTT Platform Zee5
Production Company In10 Network,
Juggernaut Productions
Directed By Avinash Das
Produced By Samar Khan
Main Star Cast Anup Soni, Paoli Dam, Rahul Dev


Raat Baaki Hai Story on ZEE5

The Raat Baat Hai movie is about two lovers kartik and Vasuki , they meet each other after 12 years where kartik is murder suspect of his would be wife vaani.

He ask help from Vasuki but he did not know what is going to him after that.the series is very interesting. 

Vaani Chopra, a well-known Bollywood actress, has her own history. Her boyfriend is in the same boat. Kartik is her boyfriend, and they get engaged in a large hotel in Rajasthan.

Vani is murdered soon after the engagement; what is the purpose of this murder?

The needle of suspicion rises on Karthik because he is missing from the hotel, the police see the CCTV footage and investigate so many people who were in footage.

Kartik runs in fear and on the way he meets a man who advises him to go to a mansion, he meets his old girlfriend Vasuki. And slowly he realizes how badly he is trapped.

Raat Baaki Hai Official Trailer


Can this movie be seen with family?

This is an criminal web series with some explicit elements, so I wouldn’t recommend watching it with children.


How can we watch this movie?

This web series is available on Zee5. If you want to watch it, you should subscribe to Zee5



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