Places to visit in Delhi – Tourist Attractions Delhi

places to visit in delhi

Places to visit in Delhi

Places to visit in Delhi – Tourist Attractions Delhi – Indian Tourist Attractions – 10 + amazing Tourist attractions in the capital city of India – Delhi.

Red fort

It was built by the mughal emperor shah jahan in the mid-17th century and became the main residence of the mughal emperors. The fort is made of red sandstone and is a Unesco world heritage site.

There are several structures within the fort walls, including the diwan-i-aam, diwan-i-khas, rang mahal, moti masjid, and hazuri bagh.

Qutub minar

An important landmark in India, the Qutub Minar is a Unesco world heritage site.Qutb al-din aibak built the minaret in the early 13th century. It is made of red sandstone and marble and decorated with intricate carvings.

It is a major tourist attraction that attracts millions of visitors every year. Visitors can climb the 379 steps to get an overview of the city.

Jama masjid

One of the largest and most well-known mosques in India, Jama Masjid is a popular tourist destination in old Delhi. It was built by the Mugal emperor Shah Jahan from red sandstone and white marble.There is no mosque in India with a larger courtyard than the Jama Masjid.

Lotus temple

It is a modern architectural wonder located in new Delhi and is shaped like a lotus flower. It was designed by Iranian architect Fariborz Shahba and was completed in 1986.There is a serene and peaceful atmosphere that makes it an ideal place to relax away from city hustle and bustle.

India gate

Designed by british architect Edwin Lutyens, the India gate is a war memorial in New Delhi that commemorates Indian soldiers who died in World War 1.Besides being a popular tourist attraction, India Gate is also the site of many national ceremonies and celebrations. It commemorates more than 90,000 Indian soldiers who died during World War I.

A lush green lawn surrounds the india gate, which is popular with tourists and locals alike for relaxation.

Swaminarayan akshardham

Swaminarayan Akshardham is a hindu temple complex located in east delhi; it was built in 2005 and honors the Hindu god Swami Narayan.Swami Narayan Akshardham attracts millions of visitors every year for religious and non-religious reasons. It is an excellent place to learn about hindu culture, tradition, and spirituality.

Humayun tomb

The Humayun’s tomb, located in the Nizamuddin East region of Delhi, was built by Humayun’s senior widow, Haji Begum, in the mid-16th century and is considered an important example of Mughal architecture in India. The tomb is a UNESCO world heritage site.

With several smaller chambers and courtyards, the tomb is made of red sandstone and white marble.It is also an important site for scholars and researchers, providing valuable insights into the mughal era and the development of mughal architecture.

Raj ghat

This memorial is located on the banks of the Yamuna river in New Delhi and is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of India’s independence movement. It was built after Gandhi’s assassination in 1948 and is a pilgrimage site for millions.

It is not permitted to photograph inside Raj Ghat, as it is considered a sacred place.

Connaught place

New Delhi’s Connaught place is a prestigious and iconic commercial and financial district located in the heart of the city.

The area is a popular shopping destination, with a variety of shops, boutiques, and department stores.The National Museum, the National Gallery of Modern Art, and the Rajpath are nearby in Connaught Place, making it an important cultural and historical site.

Chandni chowk

Chandni chowk is an ancient market located in the old part of Delhi. It is known for its narrow streets, street-side vendors, and street food vendors.

Visitors can find everything from traditional Indian handicrafts to modern consumer goods in this market, which specializes in spices, jewelry, fabrics, and electronics.


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