Oxygen O2 2022 Movie Review

Oxygen O2 2022 Movie Review

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O2 2022 Movie Review – You should read movie reviews before watching a film if you want to know what to expect. Especially if you don’t enjoy going to the movies all that much, it’s difficult to decide which movies are worth your time. A review of Oxygen[O2] gives you a taste of what to expect from the film.


Details about Oxygen Web Series

Let’s find out about the stars, directors, producers, and other details of the Oxygen Movie. You can find detailed information about Oxygen Movie release date, cast, plot, and more right here.


Title                              Oxygen [O2]

Type                               Thriller

Directed by                   G.S. Viknesh

Release Date                 17 June 2022

Production House        Dream Warrior Pictures

Oxygen                          Rithvik Jothi RajNayantharaBarath Neelakantan   


Story of Oxygen Movie


Oxygen tells the story of a mother and her 5-year-old child and some passengers who were stuck in a landslide.

A child with lung disease must remain on oxygen cylinders at all times to be able to breathe.

A donor is also found for the child’s lung transplant, for which he must travel to Cochin.

Due to heavy rain, the road leading to Cochin gets closed, so the bus driver takes another route.

When the bus takes the other route, there will be a landslide after a short distance, and the whole bus gets buried by debris.

The oxygen in the bus was low, everyone began fighting in panic, then the mother of the child said if we lived in peace, then 8 people would live for 10 hours.

Oxygen is a life-or-death situation for everyone inside. Using a mobile device to pinpoint the location of 8 people, the police team is able to save their lives.


Oxygen Movie Official Trailer on YouTube


Frequently Asked Questions: –


  • When will the “Oxygen” Web Series be released?
  • This Movie is going to be released on the date [17 June 2022] in theaters.


  • Where can I watch Oxygen?
  • This Movie is going to be released on Hotstar on the date [17 June 2022], if you want to watch this, you have to visit the website and take the subscription.


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