November Story 2021 Web Series Review

november story 2021 web series review

 November Story-Indian Tamil-language crime thriller web series 


Type –                  Indian Tamil-Language Crime Thriller Web Series 

Language   –        Hindi

OTT Platform     Disney+ Hotstar

Total Episodes    10

Producer    –        Radhika Srinivasan, Shriniwasan B

Star Cast    –

Tamanna Bhatia In Lead Role.

Anupama is a software engineer who creates software for a friend, from which she raises a tender to digitise the entire police department’s F.I.R.

Anupama wants to sell her house because her father has Alzheimer’s disease and the cost of their treatment is 80 lakhs, but her father does not want her to do so.

At the office, she and her colleagues discover that someone has attempted to hack into their system. When she investigates, she discovers that a hacking device has been placed near their server.

Following that, Anu devises a trap to track down the hacker so that if he tries again, we will know which F.I.R he desires.

Her father is not at home when she arrives, so she looks for him everywhere. When she returns the next day to show the house to the broker, she discovers the body of the woman she had seen in the train with a girl.

She tells her companions that when she went to that residence to look for her father, she found him unconscious and covered in blood.But she claims that I have complete faith in my father’s innocence.

Anu’s friend suggests that we tell the cops everything, but Anu insists that she will not tell the cops anything until she finds out.

He learns in the office that the hacker was looking for documents from November 1995, and he recalls the washerman in front of the house telling him that his father visits that house every 16 November. He had also gone to the location where the blood had been spilled on November 16th………..

Then, in the entire online series starting on November 16th, what is the link between Anu and her father? Anu attempts to figure it out……

This is such a strange crime that the criminal runs and manipulates the cops. This online series is filled with suspense. And the suspense is revealed only in the end……

How does the criminal deceive the cops, and how does Anu track down her links dating back to November 16?

To find out watch the series

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