Maharani Web Series Review 2021

Maharani Web Series Review 2021

Maharani Web Series Review 2021 in English by moreshanaya

Maharani is a political web series that has been completed in 10 episodes, it shows how an illiterate woman becomes the Chief Minister in the politics of Bihar in 1990 and how she maintains her power.

The story of this web series revolves around a woman who had never seen the outside world and her husband [Bhima Bharti] who is the Chief Minister of Bihar.

The interest of this story picks up when Bhima Bharati is attacked by the opposition and he is asked to take bed rest for 6 months.

Bhima Bharti is ordered from the high command that until you get well, you will have to choose your successor and make him sit on the chair of the Chief Minister of Bihar.

At that time Bhima Bharati declares his wife Rani Bharati as the next Chief Minister of Bihar.

This is the beginning of the show.

At this party, all the people are very desperate to know the name of the successor, but this decision of the CM of Bihar surprises everyone.

If a woman who has never even held a pen is suddenly put on the chair of the Chief Minister of Bihar, how much she will be nervous?

The same thing happened in the beginning with Rani Bharati, but gradually she understood politics and then defeated her enemies twice by trust vote.

Huma Qureshi has played a very strong character in this web series and her acting is commendable.


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