KBC Questions and Answers 27 August 2021

KBC Questions and Answers 27 August 2021

KBC Questions And Answers 27 August 2021 – This page consist of questions asked in Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz Show on 27 August 2021 .

Which of these sentences would you use to give a guest a sense of belonging?

Ans- Ise apna hi ghar samjhe

Usually semolina is prepared from which of the following?

Ans- Wheat

In the film “Om Shanti Om”, who has been addressed with this dialogue, what do you know about the cost of a pinch of sindoor,___?

Ans- Ramesh Babu

Koneru Humpy and Praveen Thipsay have both achieved which of these titles in their sport?

Ans- Grandmaster

Which of the following was not a name of Arjuna in Mahabharata?

Ans- Kink

Sudeep has 15 notes of 2, 5 and 10, if the number of notes of each denomination is equal, then what will be the total value of the total notes with him?

Ans- 85 Rupees

What is the name of the longest freight train ever operated by Indian Railways in January 2021?

Ans- Vasuki

Which of these politicians was not a pilot by profession before joining active politics?

Ans- Ajit Singh

For which discovery this physicist got the Nobel Prize?

Ans- scattering of light

According to Hindu religious texts, which of these was formed from the ashes of a sage?

Ans- Indradev’s thunderbolt

Which of these countries is completely located in Europe?

Ans- Ukraine

Which of these units will have the highest numerical value?

Ans- One billion


Which of these films of Parineeti Chopra was released first?

Ans- Ishaqzaade

Which member of King Dasharatha’s family in Ramayana is the youngest among them?

Ans- Luv

What is the meaning of the word sama in this line of Kishore Kumar’s song Shama kahe parwane ke pare chale ja?

Ans- Diya

Which city is called the home of Alphonso Mango?

Ans- Ratnagiri

Recognize this comedian?

Ans- Sunil Grover

What was the nickname given to the doubles team of tennis players Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi?

Ans- Lee- Hash

From which city of Madhya Pradesh does the name of a spicy namkeen made by frying gram flour come from?

Ans- Ratlam

Which of these Indian states does not have a coastline?

Ans- Mizoram

Which of these freedom fighters saw the first dawn of independent India?

Ans- Mahatma Gandhi

Which of these organizations was founded by these spiritual masters in 1981?

Ans- Art of Living

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