Imlie 16th September 2021 Written Update

Imlie 16th September 2021 Written Update

Imlie 16th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode –

The episode starts with 

Aparna blames Imlie for everything. It would be impossible for Malini to abuse Aditya, if she was also drunk. Also, she can file a complaint against Aditya. This story will not be believed. Aditya forces Imlie outside and tells her to withdraw her complaint against Malini. Imlie says she will not. Anu thanks Mr. Desai as Malini is released on bail.

In the end, Desai believes that Malini won’t be arrested since no man will let the world know that he has been molested. Is Malini’s accusation true? asks Dev. Aditya gave his consent that night. 

Dev argues with Anu that Malini and Aditya are legally husband and wife. Malini doesn’t want to divorce Dev, says Dev. There is no love between Aditya and her.

Aditya tells Imlie no one should accuse anyone without solid proof. She fought for Imlie’s rights, so why is Imlie blaming Malini’s action on the basis of her saree being burnt. Malini is his responsibility, he says. Imlie says a woman can also be wrong. He does not have to sacrifice just because he is a man.

Malini would have filed a complaint against Aditya also if Aditya was wrong. Aditya becomes angry and calls her stubborn. Now Imlie says that the case will go to court and she will prove that Malini is wrong. Malini will be punished. 

Dulai tells Tripathis that Malini has left. Harish says they are in trouble because of Imlie. Dulari claims Malini is guilty. Aparna says Aditya and Malini are married. Malini cries and hugs Aparna as she enters the Tripathi house. Imlie asks Malini how she got out of jail.

Anu says the case is false and Imlie will take back her complaint right away, otherwise she will file complaint against Aditya. Harish says Imlie does not listen to anyone. Anu asks Aditya how she can continue to fight when even Aditya apologizes to Malini for the harassment.

Kunal marks his entry and vows to fight Imlie’s case. Everyone is shocked.

A physical relationship requires consent, says Kunal. If Malini is proven guilty, he will ensure that she is punished. 

It is wrong to take advantage of a drunk person. Aditya asks Kunal why he took up a case without any evidence if he is a good lawyer. Kunal said he took the case because he knows Malini, and he hopes Malini is innocent. 

Malini says she has no expectations from others when her sister accuses her. Tripathis is asked to cooperate by Kunal. Harish says they won’t tell him anything.

Aditya is about to leave and Kunal tells him to stop for Imlie’s sake. Aditya says he cheated Imlie, but Malini cannot be held responsible. Kunal asks him what happened that night. Aditya says he doesn’t remember. According to Kunal, if he doesn’t know what happened, why should he blame himself. Aditya leaves upset.

It worries Malini that Kunal will prove her wrong, so she will be jailed. Kunal is an excellent lawyer. Anu tells Malini not to worry, Imlie is welcoming trouble for herself by filing the case. Malini should focus only on Aditya.

Kunal tells Imlie that Aditya won’t support her. Imlie says she will fight and she has no fear. Malini has crossed the line. It won’t be easy, but they will find proofs, says Kunal.

Kunal assures Imlie that Malini will be punished, Imlie tells Meethi. Meethi asks if Kunal will go against Malini if he likes her. Imlie looks worried.


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