Imlie Written Update Today

Imlie 15th September 2021 Written Update

Imlie 15th September 2021 Written Update

Imlie 15th September 2021 Written Update on

In the episode, Aditya says he will surrender to the police. If the matter is made public, Malini says people will insult her a lot. Dulai gets irritated. Aditya says no one will question Malini if he gets punished.

Imlie says Aditya should support Malini this time. Aditya and her family are upset after she breaks ties with him. Aditya is heartbroken. Aparna warns him that if he stops Imlie now, he will see his mother’s dead body. Aditya stops.

Imlie breaks down in tears and leaves the house. Meethi comforts her saying she should trust Sita Maiya. Imlie looks up and sees a procession. Although she doesn’t want to lose, she doesn’t know how to start a fight as she has no clues.

Imlie notices that her saree was scorched in Dev’s car dickey and wonders where it has come from. As Imlie understands, Malini betrayed Aditya by disguising herself as Imlie. She took advantage of him. It is a crime.

Aditya says he must go meet Imlie. Without Imlie, he can’t continue. Malini says they must live without her as it is their destiny. They will learn to stay happy, Malini says.

Police arrive, and Anu Aditya says they didn’t call the police. Aparna says they cannot arrest Aditya because he is innocent. Malini has been arrested, according to the inspector.

Anu asks the inspector why they are trying to arrest her. Imlie says she filed a complaint against her with the police. Everyone gets shocked when they see her.

Imlie claims Malini abused Aditya by disguising herself. It is against the law. What nonsense Malini says. Anu says a woman cannot molested a man, especially when Aditya is stronger than Malini.

Malini is clever and women are intelligent, says Imlie. It’s not always about physical weakness. Then Malini did something wrong to Aditya after she spiked everyone’s juice.

Aditya asks Imlie before also she blamed Malini without any proof.Imlie says she now has proof. She shows the burned saree to Aditya saying it was found in Dev’s car which Malini and Anu tried to destroy but she saw it.

Last night, Malini wore Imlie’s saree in front of Aditya. Anu says Malini burned the saree, not her. She bought same saree like Imlie so she thought of burning it. Imlie claims it’s a lie.

Anu says she will sue Anu and Aditya. Tripathis will be destroyed for framing Malini. Imlie tells the police to arrest Malini. Aditya asks Malini if he believes she can betray him in such a way.

She is innocent. Imlie says Malini abused him and deserves punishment. Malini is arrested.

Aparna asks Imlie why she did it. Imlie says she only tried to be fair to Aditya. Aparna asks if Imlie didn’t want to leave why she acted in front of them.

Harish explains why Imlie didn’t ask permission from them before calling the police. Aditya’s reputation was ruined by her calling him a victim who is molested by a woman.

Radha says that Imlie returned because she has no greed for money. Dulari stops her by saying Imlie did the right thing by filing a complaint. Malini should be guilty for her act.

She should not be forgiven for taking advantage of Aditya. Aditya sits silently.

Aditya holds Imlie’s hand and takes her outside. Imlie will withdraw the complaint against Malini right now, he says. Imlie gets shocked when he hears that.

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