How to eat and how to stay healthy

How To Eat To Stay Healthy

How to eat and how to stay healthy

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How to eat and how to stay healthy by moreshanaya

How to eat and how to stay healthy
How to eat and how to stay healthy

Except for liquid and solid foods, eating is a natural process of nutritional intake that usually includes all consumable solid liquids and solid foods.

The following points should be kept in mind to ensure that all necessary advantages are obtained to the fullest extent possible.

Only eat when you are relaxed.

Always feel at ease and calm while taking them.

Under no circumstances should food be consumed under duress.

Slowly chew it, allowing the saliva to combine with each bite.

Make sure you wash your hands before eating. Splash water into your eyes after thoroughly rinsing your mouth, cheeks, and feet.

Lukewarm water can be used in the winter, but eyes should never be washed with hot water.

Make certain that your seat is quite comfortable, that there is no congestion or lack of fresh air, and that the people sitting around you are cheerful.

Devote your complete and undivided attention solely to your meals

If you are mentally upset, you will not be able to enjoy or share food, and your mind will be preoccupied and disturbed by worries and problems.

How do I start eating healthy?

Because raw fruits and vegetables require separate enzymes and natural juices to digest, they should not be blended with your regular diet.

It is preferable not to drink any water for at least an hour before taking a means of transportation, and for at least two hours after having meals.

Never go to sleep after taking meal; instead, take a nap after lunch and go for a long stroll after dinner.

It is always preferable to urinate after finishing meals.

Vajrasana is the only asana that can be done after eating. If we do it within 30 to 45 minutes of eating, it will help to remove palpitations and aid digestion.

You should lie on your left side to keep your digestive system in good shape and to ensure that your meal is promptly absorbed.

Always wash your hands with soap after eating and rinse your mouth well before and after meals.

Never drink cold beverages after eating hot meals or vice versa.


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