Flight 2021 Movie Story Cast – Flight 2021

Flight 2021 Movie Story Cast

Flight 2021 Movie Story Cast


Flight 2021 Movie Story Cast – A captivating story of battle between pride & greed. Flight is an Bollywood action thriller drama, directed by Sooraj Joshi. Mohit Chadha will be seen in the lead role in the film.

This table gives you the following basic movie information about Flight 2021: Director, Producer, Writer, Star Cast, Production Company, IMDb Ratings, Platform name, Time Durations, etc.

Title Flight 2021
Content-Type Movie
Language Hindi
IMDb Ratings
OTT Platform Theater
Production Company Passion Studios
Director Suraj Joshi
Producer Suraj Joshi, Babita Ashiwal, K. Chadda
Main Star Cast Mohit Chadda, Suraj Joshi, Babita Ashiwal

Mohit Chadda’s action and thriller film ‘Flight’ debuted in theaters on April 2. It was directed by Sooraj Joshi. The film opens with a plane crash in which around 70 people are killed. The accident is caused by a technical problem. 

In the film, Mohit Chadha plays Adityaraj Aviation Company’s owner Ranveer Malhotra. A few corrupt people in Ranveer Malhotra’s company are then exposed after this. But they devise a conspiracy to implicate Ranveer. After this, Ranveer has to fly to Dubai on his private jet for work. 

Ranvir is knocked unconscious by his enemies by changing the drink in the plane, and the crew is also killed by the pilot, and all exits are blocked. He then jumps from the plane with the parachute.

After Ranveer regains consciousness, he discovers that everything has been planned to kill him. Afterward, the entire movie will show Ranveer’s struggle to save himself.

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