Double XL Movie Story Review 2022

Double XL Movie Story Review

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Double XL Movie Story Review – You should read movie reviews before watching a film if you want to know what to expect Especially if you don’t enjoy going to the movies all that much, it’s difficult to decide which movies are worth your time A review of Double XL 2022 gives you a taste of what to expect from the film.

Double XL Movie Details

Title Double Xl Movie
Type   Comedy
Produced by   Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vipul D Shah
Directed by Satram ramani
Release Date 4 November 2022
Ott Platform Theater
Double XL Star Cast Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi, Zaheer Iqbal and Mahat Raghavendra

Double XL Movie Story


In the film’s opening scene, Rajshri Trivedi (Huma Qureshi) is dreaming of dancing with cricketer Shikhar Dhawan, when her mother wakes up her daughter by making a ruckus. 

The mother is getting halfway in worrying about her daughter’s marriage. The daughter is over 30, but she isn’t getting married, and her mother considers her obesity as a reason , whereas in the eyes of her grandmother and father (Kanwaljit), the daughter is strong. 

In contrast, Rajshree Trivedi is not interested in marriage. Her dream is to become a TV sports presenter. She is determined to ignore the wishes of her parents and grandmother. 

While Rajshree’s parents want her to marry and settle down, she refuses. 

Meanwhile, Delhi resident Saira Khanna is dating a gym guy, but her heart longs to create her own designer brand. 

Rajshri visits Delhi to give an interview for a channel, where she finds Saira Khanna crying in the washroom after being rejected. Both cry, blaming their ‘Double XL’ bodies for their problems. 

In order to make a fashion travelogue video for some investors, Saira Khanna goes to London without a director, so Rajshree Trivedi becomes the director. 

Now what will happen in the life of both the XXL girls ,you have to watch the movie.

Double XL Movie Trailer


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