Dear Ishq 28 March 2023 Written Update

Dear Ishq 2 March 2023 Written Update

Dear Ishq 2 March 2023 Written Update

In today episode Abhimanyu gets angry with Maya for humiliating him in an interview. Asmita arrives and encourages him not to give up, reminding him of his relationship with Rizwan. Maya resumes the live session and invites Abhimanyu and Asmita to participate. Asmita is questioned by fans about her fights with Abhimanyu, but he saves her by saying they had creative differences. When asked if they are dating, Abhimanyu holds Asmita’s hand in a loving way and smirks. The viewership of the live session increases, making Maya and Peter happy.

Asmita denies being in a relationship with Abhimanyu when asked by fans, and Abhimanyu makes a sarcastic comment about his book’s female character while implying that Asmita’s relationship is boring. Asmita gets angry, and Shauvik sends love messages in the live session to tease her, but Abhimanyu comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Bani realizes that the views are decreasing and informs Rizwan and Sumbul. Sumbul asks Rizwan about his relationship status, but he refuses to reveal who he is in a relationship with, making Anirbhan upset and angry.

Neeta tells Raman about Bani’s call, but Raman suspects her intentions. Asmita thanks Abhimanyu for his support during the live session, but they have a small argument about their respective relationships. Abhimanyu asks for Asmita’s feedback on his first chapter, and she promises to send it later. Bani receives a call from Raman and lies about loving his book, requesting to meet him in person. Raman agrees, and Neeta wants to inform Abhimanyu but Raman stops her, saying they will discuss it after meeting Bani. Bani smirks and says Abhimanyu will be shocked to learn she is relaunching his father.

Asmita agrees to meet Abhimanyu after he insists, but later receives a call from Shauvik who is in town for a short time. She postpones her meeting with Abhimanyu and meets Shauvik instead. Abhimanyu gets angry and calls her continuously, but Asmita refuses to answer. Queenie Bakshi tells Abhimanyu that Asmita is controlling him, but he denies it and says he is only trying to give a fitting reply to Asmita.

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