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Cuttputlli 2022 Movie

Cuttputlli 2022 Movie Review

Cuttputlli 2022 Movie Review – You should read movie reviews before watching a film if you want to know what to expect. Especially if you don’t enjoy going to the movies all that much, it’s difficult to decide which movies are worth your time. A review of Cuttputlli 2022 gives you a taste of what to expect from the film.

Details about Cuttputlli 2022 Movie Review

Let’s find out about the stars, directors, producers, and other details of the Cuttputlli 2022 Movie. You can find detailed information about Cuttputlli 2022 Movie release date, cast, plot, and more right here.


Cuttputlli 2022 Movie Details


Title                    Cuttputlli

Type                    Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Produced by    Vashu Bhagnani, Jackky Bhagnani, Deepshikha Deshmukh

Directed by         Ranjit M Tiwari

Release Date       02 Sept 2022

Ott Platform        Hotstar

Cuttputlli 2022 Star Cast – Akshay Kumar, Rakul Preet Singh, Chandrachud Singh,



Story of Cuttputlli 2022 Movie

The story of Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh…The story begins in Parwanoo, where the badly beaten and mutilated body of a girl is found.

The film begins with Akshay Kumar playing a crime writer who pitches his script to the producers of Punjab in order to get his story made into a film.

In spite of this, he is forced to do a police job, and his first posting is to Kasauli with his brother-in-law Chandrachud Singh.

In Kasauli, the same case as Parwanoo takes place, and Akshay Kumar tries to tie the two cases together, but due to his inexperience, no one takes his point seriously.

Due to the SHO’s ego, Machan and its associate do not listen to Akshay. When Machan arrests and interrogates the lover of that girl, Akshay says that he has no recourse 

Then news came that the dead body of the girl had been found, in the same condition as the body found in Parwanoo.

When Akshay goes to Parwanoo to investigate the case, he gets some clues…the commissioner comes to meet Akshay and asks him what you’ve found

In the meantime, another girl is kidnapped

The SHO eyes do not open until two more girls are kidnapped and murdered, and then Akshay’s niece is also murdered.

After SHO realizes Akshay’s assertions are true, she asks Akshay to lead the case, and finally the killer is caught.



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Frequently Asked Questions


When will the “Cuttputlli 2022 ” Movie be released?

This movie has released on the date [02 Sept 22 ] on Hotstar.

Where can I watch Cuttputlli 2022?

This movie has released on Hotstar on the date 02 Sept 22, if you want to watch this Movie, you have to visit the Hotstar web/app and take the subscription.


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