Babli Bouncer 2022 Movie Story Review

Babli Bouncer 2022 Movie Story Review


Babli Bouncer 2022 Movie Review – You should read movie reviews before watching a film if you want to know what to expect Especially if you don’t enjoy going to the movies all that much, it’s difficult to decide which movies are worth your time A review of Babli Bouncer 2022 gives you a taste of what to expect from the film.



Details about Babli Bouncer 2022 Movie Review

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Babli Bouncer 2022 Movie Details

Title – Babli Bouncer  

Type – Comedy, Action

Produced by Vineet Jain, Amrita Pandey

Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar

Release Date – 23 Sept 2022

Ott Platform – Disney Hotstar

Babli Bouncer 2022 Star Cast – Tamanna Bhatia, Abhishek Bajaj, Sahil Vaid, Saurabh Shukla

Production House – Star Studios and Junglee Pictures.


Babli Bouncer 2022 Official Trailer on YouTube

Babli Bouncer Movie Story


Babli Tanwar is from a village in Haryana, adjacent to Delhi. Babli goes to Delhi to work as a bouncer. Most of the Males from the village where Babli is from, work as bouncers in the city.

When Babli is in the village, she falls in love with a boy named Viraj who is highly educated. Viraj lives in Delhi, so Babli also decides to move to Delhi and that is why she works as a Lady bouncer in a club in Delhi.

On Viraj’s birthday, Babli tells him about her feelings, then Viraj tells her that she is uneducated and even if you’re the last girl in the world, I won’t even think of falling in love with you

Viraj’s words break Babli’s heart but the direction of her life changes. She then takes her career seriously to educate herself, which is where Babli finds true happiness.



Frequently Asked Questions: –


When will the “Babli Bouncer 2022” Movie be released?

This movie has released on the date [23 Sept 2022] on Disney Hotstar.


Where can I watch Babli Bouncer 2022?

This movie has released on Disney Hotstar on the date 23 Sept 2022, if you want to watch this Movie, you have to visit the Disney Hotstar web/app and take a subscription.


Is this movie worth watching with kids?

Yes, of course, this movie is a light comedy movie, so there is no problem in watching it with children.



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