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Anupama Written Update 29 Aug 2023

Anupama Written Update 29 Aug 2023

Vanraj tells Kavya that he cannot accept her child and leaves the hospital. Anuj asks what happened to Vanraj. Samar said he will go and see. Anuj stops her and says he is worried about Kavya’s illness so leave her alone.

Pakhi asks Romil to stop interfering between her and her husband. Adhik stops Romil and asks if he is instigating his wife against him. He warns Romil to stay away from his wife or else he will throw her in the biggest garbage pit.

Romil asks how do they know where he is and does he go there. Pakhi is already tensed about Kavya to Anuj and Anupama, so asks them to stop. delays more. Romil says he makes things disappear instead of throwing them.

Vanraj remembers that Kavya had said that her child is Anirudh’s and not his; Vanraj refuses to accept the child, etc. Anupama goes to him.

Vanraj says that he emotionally told Kavya that her child is his, but she is unable to accept it from the heart. Anupama says that the child is someone else’s till it is born and once it comes into the world, it is theirs as there is an emotional connection developed between them.

She reminds him how excited he was on hearing the news of Kavya’s pregnancy and that he had also started saving for the child’s education; The child will call him father and will forget all his complaints. Vanraj said that he will not accept Anirudh’s child. He is shocked to see Anuj.

Leela thanks God that Kavya and her baby are safe. Hasmukh says life is strange as he seeks help from his near and dear ones in every problem. Leela’s problems will end soon.

Anuj goes home and asks Anupama if Vanraj came to meet her in the middle of the night on the same issue. Yes, Anupama asks if he is angry at her? Anuj says that he realized the cold war between Vanraj and Kavya and it was wrong to hide the truth from the family.

This is it, says Anupama, let’s see what happens. Anuj stops the car in front of the temple and says that he could not go to the temple in the morning, so pray from here. A car hits a woman. Coming out, Anupama asks him if he is okay. The woman is standing and looks like she is mentally deranged.

Anupama gets shocked seeing Devi. MD is crazy. Anuj asked Anupama what had happened to her. Anupama said that she was a female Gurumaa. Anuj says that he considered the other person as his Gurumaa.

Toshu and Samar come home. Dimpy panics and asks what the doctor said and when is Kavya returning home? Samar says they are safe and doctor has kept Kavya under observation tonight. Dimpy thanks God and says she will give him food.

Leela says that since she is responsible for Kavya’s condition, there is no need for it. Samar said that it was an accident. Leela keeps warning Dimpy to stay away from Kavya and her baby till the delivery and curses her for ruining their house. Anuj and Anupama come back to their home.

Romil moves towards the door. Anupama asks if he is going somewhere or not. Romil asks his friends to meet. Anuj said that he should take permission from his family.

Romil sarcastically asked the teacher if he could go to meet his friends. When Anuj asks permission from a teacher, he says “no”. Romil asks uncle if he can meet his friends or not. Anuj said yes. Anupama asks him not to drink alcohol and only take driver and car. Romil stares more. Makes some other excuse and goes away.

Leela tells Dimpy to stop blaming her as she is not always right. Leela calls Samar wife’s slave and abuses him continuously. Hasmukh asks Leela if she is also a slave to his wife and asks her to stop her cruel behaviour.

Leela hopes that Kavya and her baby will return home safely. Anupama calls Gurumaa, but he does not pick up. Anuj consoles her and meets CA. Leaving a message for Nakul, Anupama admits that she was a lady guru.

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