Anupama 10 September 2022 Written Update

Anupama Written Update 28 March to 31 March 2022

Anupama Written Update 28 March to 2 April 2022

Anupama Written Update 28 March to 2 April 2022 | Anupama Written Update by moreshanaya

Anupama Written Update 28 March 2022

Episode starts with Hasmukh and Samar praising Anupama’s trophy, seeing them adorning the trophy, Vanraj gets irritated and Rakhi joins in to provoke everyone by saying that the trophy is a symbol of their defeat.
After hearing Anupama’s announcement, Pakhi and Toshu question Anupama about her being a mother as their friends will taunt them.

Leela is angry and thinks that today I will teach Anupama a lesson. After Rakhi I tell Kavya why no one cares about your becoming a mother, you also want to start your own family, don’t you.
Rakhi completely provokes Kavya, Kavya starts thinking after listening to Rakhi, then Rakhi says that if Vanraj is not able to prove himself in front of Malavika, then the job will be lost, then what will you do? will run away with a divorce
Anupama’s message comes to Samar that she is going to return home tonight, then Hasmukh says that the war is about to start.
Babuji sends a message to Anupama and says that everyone is angry in the house, you should be ready to answer.

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Anupama Written Update 29 March 2022

The episode begins with Anupama entering the house, it becomes dark, and Vanraj taunts Anupama that the house may become dark as soon as she enters it.

Anupama responds to Vanraj by saying that he is acting as if he has been struck by lightning. The light then turns on, and Anupama notices that the entire family is waiting for her.

Before Vanraj can say anything, Babuji silences him and warmly welcomes anu. Samar gives Anupama her dance trophy, which makes Anupama happy.

Kinjal, Samar, and Hasmukh congratulate Anupama, while Vanraj begins to read the comments on Anupama’s viral video proposing Anuj..

Rangeen Budhapa “besharam aunty,” and so on. Vanraj reads various remarks in order to mentally disturb Anupama.

Rakhi laughs and says, “Read and enjoy,” to which Anupama responds, “Yes, read, read, I was getting bored on the way back, so I read all of this.”

Vanraj asks if you didn’t mind, and Anupama responds, “After listening to both of your taunts, I no longer care about outsiders’ comments.”

Leela suggests that you bow down to shame, but Anupama responds that everyone has always placed responsibilities on her shoulders, whether mother, wife, or society, and that she is tired of carrying this burden, so it is being lifted.

She reminds Leela that even though she no longer has any relationship with her, she still fulfils all of her responsibilities; your daughter-in-law is Kavya; she should fulfil all of this.

Pakhi and Toshu explain their humiliation to Anupama, who responds that she is not the source of their discomfort. The reason for her humiliation is her mother’s pleasure.

Anupama declares that she is at the right place and will not modify her decision after silencing everyone.

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Anupama Written Update 30 March 2022

Anupama speaks out Pakhi and Paritosh’s faults and declares that she has never been ashamed to be their mother.

Anupama recalls how both of them used to insult her. Tears well up in her eyes as she realises she has committed her life to individuals who have never respected her.

She questions why everyone can’t be happy for her and Anuj since they regard him to be their “own” family. Anupama says that the Shah family were unconcerned about her happiness, despite the fact that she fought for the happiness of others.

Anupama characterizes a mother’s position as follows: “Everyone has an expectation from her, but no one ever thinks about her, mother stays in a corner, you will all enjoy it, mother is happy, you will not like it.”

Anupama refuses to sacrifice her happiness this time, saying that she is not a god but a normal human being.

Anupama promises Pakhi and Toshu that even if they ends relationship with her, she will always love them as they were her own children.

Anupama remembers every insult shouted at her by those people, and she puts her hand on her ear and says, “Ab Bas”

“Dadi ki shaadi hogi,” Anupama says boldly to the Shah family. Hasmukh and the rest praise her.

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Anupama Written Update 31 March 2022

Anupama declares that she is now going to live only for herself and will marry Anuj and she doesn’t care what people think.

Anupama further says that everyone is invited to the wedding but whoever doesn’t want to come then it doesn’t matter. Hasmukh, Samar, Kinjal and Jignesh clap for Anupama and heartily congratulate her for her decision.

Vanraj stops Anupama from calling herself a victim and asks her to get out of his house immediately. Babuji intervenes and says that Anupama will go but only after marriage.

After that Babuji takes Anupama to the temple of the house and he invites god for Anupama’s wedding and offers Prasad.

Babuji blows the conch and warns everyone not to do any spectacle in this marriage.

Leela gets furious and beats the plate and curses Anupama that if you do this marriage, then there will definitely be some disturbance in this marriage. Anupama breaks down emotionally after hearing Leela’s curse.

On the other hand , Anuj hires a taxi to come back and discusses marriage with the driver .

Hasmukh, Kinjal, Samar console Anupama.

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