Anupama Written Update 27-10-2021

Anupama Episode 405

Anupama Aaj ka Episode – 27-10-2021 | Anupama Written Update 27-10-2021 Future Story | Read the full written episode at moreshanaya 

He tells Anupama that many girls have come into his life, but he has never been in love with any of them. If he had married someone he didn’t love, it would have been wrong from both sides. 

She asks Anuj to get married since everyone needs a life partner. “Anuj” says he has found a reason to be happy, so he doesn’t need to marry. Furthermore, he asks Anupama why she hasn’t yet married if everyone needs a life partner. Anupama responds that she doesn’t need one.

She asks Vanraj for permission to speak. Vanraj allows Nandini to continue. While hurting Anupama, Nandini says he also hurt himself. Her advice is to be careful, as the real drama is yet to unfold. 

According to Anupama, she does not have the courage to welcome someone back into her life. When break ups happen at a young age they are still able to make up, but heartbreak after 25 years of marriage breaks the person forever.

Hamsuk received a message from Anupama that she would be returning soon. Their car was unbalanced. 

Hasmuk worries about Anupama and Anuj. Anupama’s and Anuj’s mobile phones are not reachable, says Nandini. Samar says that even GK could not get in touch with Anuj. Leela tells Hasmuk that Anuj is with Anupama, so he need not worry. 

Vanraj agree. Hasmuk says that although he knows Anuj is with Anupama, driving in bad weather is risky.

They decide to stay until the rain stops until Anuj and Anupama return to their home. If Anupama doesn’t return home, Leela won’t spare her. Both Anupama and Anuj try to seek help from the locals. 

Anupama and Anuj are helped by a group of teens. Anupama informs Shah’s that she is safe. Anupama and Anuj are advised by Nandini and Hasmuk to stay overnight at the place. 


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