Anupama Written Update 26 March 2022

Anupama Written Update 26 March 2022

Mar 25, 2022 ⋅ Anupama Written Update 26 March 2022 – Anupama Written Updates

Abhimanyu eats the meal and realizes that it contains sweet potatoes He says to himself that he is allergic to this food, but still eats it Mahima notices Abhimanyu itch, she screams his name, and he asks her to calm down Afterward, she tells Akshu that she is supposed to get married to Abhimanyu but doesn’t know that he is allergic to sweet potatoes

After she apologizes and cries in her room, Abhimanyu comes to her room and tries to console her She says it’s his fault since he didn’t tell her about his allergies, but he ate them to make her happy Abhimanyu then spends some time with Akshu

Kairav enters the room and says the rings have arrived and they can choose together Their fingers are both on the same ring at the same time Kairav says it is his responsibility now to take care of the rings and bring them to the engagement party

Manish admires the decoration and thanks Akhilesh Then Suhasini says everyone should be careful not to miss Manjuri’s presence, and Kairav says everything is set up While Suhasini asks Kairav where Vansh took the rings, Kairav replies that he went to the jewelry shop to fetch them Vansh is asked to arrive quickly by Suhasini and Kairav

When Kairav calls Vansh, he learns that his car broke down, so he had to take a cab, and the ring fell when a speed breaker came When the Birlas arrive, Anand praises the arrangements they made so quickly

Mahima says it seems strange that Manjuri wasn’t present at the celebration Kairav says it’s best not to think about that and to make sure that Abhimanyu and Akshu enjoy their engagement

When Harshwardhan asks where they are, Kairav responds that they are at Manjuri’s Blessing According to Harshwardhan, they should have left after they informed them, but they didn’t do so

While Abhimanyu is getting ready for the day, Akshu walks into Abhimanyu’s cabin She Acts To Daunt And He Catches Her And Then She Says To Him That Her Fiance Is Looking So Good That She Is Feeling Dizzy

He Twirls Her And They Go And Take Manjuri’s Blessing Manjuri Blesses Them And Asks Them To Enjoy The Engagement As Her Happiness Is In Theirs

Arohi Calls The Car Services And Says To Them To Clean The Car And Change The Tire She Gets Scared When Neil Taps On Her Shoulder And Asks Her Why She Looks Worried And She Ignores Him And Leaves

Meanwhile, Vansh And Kairav Notice That The Rings Are Missing And Panic Arohi Goes Outside And Checks The Car And Says To Herself That She Should Park The Car Somewhere, Where Someone Can Steal It

When Anupama and Anuj sit hand in hand in the cab, she remembers Babuji calling her and telling her to go to Udaipur, as if she came home, Leela and Vanraj would question her again.

Anupama tells Anuj that she is a little concerned about what might be happening in the house, and Anuj tells her not to worry as they can handle it later.

While Anupama tours the city Anuj says everything will happen. The car bumps and the files fall from her hand and she picks them up as well.

Kairav and Vansh become worried about the ring and try to figure out

Then she sees Anupama and runs to her and congratulates her, and Abhimanyu introduces himself. Akshu tells him that she met Anupama only once and felt a motherly love from her, so that’s why her name is also Anupama, and Abhimanyu and Akshu invite her to the ceremony.

Rakhi arrives there and wishes everyone and tells them that she will stay with them until Anupama returns Naira asks Why she is staying with them, she says that she is here to take care of Kinjal, unlike Anupama who’s out enjoying it

On the video call Anupama meets Manjuri to tell her to get well fast so the celebrations of the wedding can be special for their guests. Manjuri tells Abhimanyu to have fun and make it special for their guests, Anupama thanks Kairav for inviting them.

During the celebrations, Akshu and Abhimanyu take the elders’ blessings. Akshu hears Kairav and Vansh looked concerned, so he asks what’s going on and why they look concerned. Vansh’s friend covers up Anupama goes to pick up a phone and notices a pouch, so Abhimanyu asks her to join him.

In the meantime, Anupama calls Samar and tells him about the engagement and Suhasini asks everyone to celebrate as the auspicious time for the ring exchange is two o’clock. Arohi arrives with Neil, who wonders why she looks lost today.

As Vanraj sees Neela crying, he asks her what is wrong. Neela tells him that she is scared of the taunts she will receive from the neighbors when Anupama gets married. She also says to him that she fears that the family will suffer humiliation due to Anupama’s wedding. Meanwhile, the families dance at the engagement party while Rakhi and Vanraj join hands to stop Anupama’s wedding.

Anupama Written Update 25 March 2022

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