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Anupama Written Update 26-10-2021 Future Story

Anupama Episode 404

Anupama Aaj ka Episode – 26-10-2021 | Anupama Written Update 26-10-2021 Future Story | Read the full written episode at moreshanaya 

Episode Starts With –

Anupama Written Update in English


In the beginning of the episode, Vanraj tells Anupama that she did a very good thing. Kavya is given a job and then fired. He insults Anupama and calls her a shameless woman.

Anupama pulls out the cotton in her ear and asks if it is done, then she says that I am tired of listening to your daily taunts, but you are never tired of giving.

Send me a voice note from tomorrow, and I’ll listen to it. 

Vanraj knows that tomorrow I’ll go with Anuj for some work from here, and he will pick me up.

Anupama is comforted by Bapu ji, who warns her not to listen to it too often.

A day later, Anuj comes home to pick up Anupama. 

Vanraj stands in front of the gate and says that if you go with him today, you Won’t be able to come again.

Anupama leaves the house through the boundary jump and gets in the car with Anuj in front of Vanraj.

Anupama meets Akshara in the temple, whose thinking is very similar to Anupama’s

Akshara is advised by Anupama to love her family members as well as herself.

Anupama and Akshara promise to meet each other again.

Anupama asks Anuj why he didn’t get married.


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