Anupama Written Update 24 March 2022

Anupama Written Update 24 March 2022


Samar tells Devika that Anupama is in shock due to some reason  The two run toward Anupama, but a guard stops them from entering 

Devika and Samar mislead the guard, and Samar meets Anupama and asks her what’s wrong 

Anupama says something happened to Anuj  Samar calls Anuj  Anupama says she hasn’t talked to Anuj since morning Devika advises Anupama not to think negatively 

Samar hints to Devika that Anuj’s phone is missing Devika takes the police’s help to locate Anuj There Leela asks Rakhi to dance Rakhi tells Leela that she does not dance but forces others to dance to her tune

Anupama dreams that Anuj is nearby while Hasmuk and Kinjal await Anupama’s performance Kinjal desires that Anupama perform well  

Anuj complains to Anupama that he did not share his concern with her and increased their tension as a result. Anuj apologizes to her for his behavior last night.  

A dream in which Anupama apologizes to Anuj, in which Anuj distances himself from Anupama;

Anupama runs and tells Anuj not to leave her  Samar and Devika worry about her 

Devika and Samar try to motivate Anupama to complete her performance.

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