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Anupama Written Update 08 Sept 2023

Anupama Written Update 08 Sept 2023

In Anupama Written Update 08 Sept 2023  starts with Anupama and Anuj going to the police station and filing a complaint against Adhik.Anuj informs that he has spoken to the ACP and he has guaranteed that the police will take strict action in this matter, while Anupama continues to worry.

Anuj asks Anupama to stop crying as she needs to make the entire Shah family strong. But Anupama says that Pakhi has done something to her.At that time, Adhik comes to Romil and holds him by the collar where is Pakhi as he lied about being with Pakhi earlier.Romil refuses to act out of worry that no one will believe his acting and consider him the main villain of his works.

He says that he will complain against Romil to the police, to which Romil says that he will tell the police about the violence done to Pakhi, which will lead to more jail time.Just then Vanraj comes there and asks her to tell where is Pakhi and what has she done with Samar and Toshu standing behind. He holds her collar tightly.

Seeing Vanraj’s horrified expression, he gets more scared and says that he doesn’t know anything about Pakhi. Vanraj keeps his composure and asks Abhi to tell the truth again.It is not their fault that Pakhi did not reach Shah’s house after leaving the Kapadia mansion, so Barkha comes and asks Vanraj to drop more.

Vanraj tells Adhikari that if anything happens to Pakhi, he will kill her, but Adhikari says that it could be from Anupama as Pakhi had warned him about doing something bad the previous day.A complaint has been filed on her and as per procedure she needs to come with them, so police comes and asks more people to come.

When Anuj and Anupama meet, Anupama tells that she filed the complaint alone as she wants her daughter back.When Barkha asks Anupama to withdraw the complaint as no one else can, Anupama refuses and takes the police with more people.

Leela meanwhile keeps on calling Vanraj asking what happened suddenly that he brought Toshu and Samar to Anupama’s house.Anupama says that she needs her daughter as soon as possible and it is her fault that she is seeing such a time almost fainting.Vanraj says that Anupama put a lot of pressure on Pakhi by interfering in her marriage, so maybe Pakhi is missing.

Anupama asks if he should have watched the violence silently, to which Vanraj says that he should have pressed Pakhi a little less.While Vanraj questions Anupama on his duties, Anupama asks him why he didn’t behave like a father and explains the situation to Pakhi.Anupama says she used to do just that and love can end when a man decides to forcefully touch a woman’s face.

Vanraj says that he is not accusing Anupama, but wants to say that he should not have put so much pressure on Pakhi. Anupama says that her only fault is that she did not go to the police first.When Anuj tries to save her from falling on the floor, Anupama shouts that she is not a mother who wants to ruin her daughter’s life.



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