Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Update 04 April to 09 April 2022

Anupama Written Update 8 April 2022

In the beginning of the episode, Anupama receives a parcel sent by Anuj which contains a Gajra which she puts on her hair and takes a photo and sends it to Anuj.

Leela comes to Kavya’s room and wakes her up and says that there is a lot of work in the house but Kavya asks Leela to leave her alone.

Rakhi asks Kavya to meet her outside, then Kavya goes to meet Rakhi without informing Vanraj and Leela. She tells Rakhi about Kavya taking a job from her and then divorcing Vanraj and says that as soon as possible this insane asylum. Get out of

Kavya is shocked to hear about Rakhi but thinks that in this way I will get out of this mess.

When Anuj comes home, he sees that Anupama is in the kitchen because everyone else is late in coming.

Anupama brings tea and tells Anuj that a part of her heart is dedicated to the Shah family and it cannot be broken.

Anuj feels bad to hear this and he honestly tells Anupama that his devotion to the Shah family hurts him but he will never ask her to break their relationship.

Anupama feels blessed to hear Anuj’s words and thanks him for being so understanding.

Anupama Written Update 7 April 2022

Episode Begins I Anupama comes to Toshu’s room and gives her turmeric milk but Toshu doesn’t talk to Anu in a proper way yet Anu treats her like a mother.

Malavika, on the other hand, spends a happy time with Anuj and Gak and tells them that she has kicked Vanraj and his team out of his office.

Anuj gets a little nervous after hearing this news and wonders how Vanraj and Leela will react. After being fired from the company, Kavya tells everything to Rakhi.

Toshu asks Kinjal why she didn’t come to talk to him after hearing the news of their fight. Kinjal says she wanted to let him be alone because you are angry and will get angry again. Kinjal and Toshu get upset And Toshu pushes Kinjal due to which she falls on the bed.

Toshu says sorry to Kinjal for this mistake, then Kinjal says that pay attention to your work and she leaves from it.

Malavika offers Anuj to come back to the Kapadia kingdom which he rejects as he wants to do things his own way as promised to Anupama.

Hasmukh tells Anu that they will meet at Anuj’s house in the evening to discuss marriage.

Anupama Written Update 6 April 2022

Episode starts with Toshu goes inside the house and Anupama also asks Anuj to go to her house. Anuj says that he will not let her go alone because as soon as she goes inside her house, the people of the house start encouraging her. Will give

As soon as Vanraj enters Toshu’s house, Vanraj asks him about his friend and gets upset hearing about their quarrel, Vanraj tells Toshu to control his anger that if this deal gets foxed then we will work from work. Could have said something to Malvika that suddenly Malvika comes there.

Malavika gives 3 envelopes to Vanraj and says that this is your salary of Toshu and Kavya and I am firing all three of you from my company.

Vanraj gets shocked and says that he had given them a month’s time, then why did he suddenly do this.

So Malavika says that what you did to my brother and future sister-in-law was also not right and I had not made any agreement with you and when you did not improve then I had to take this decision.

Malavika tells Leela that you cursed Anu, nor today that curse has come back to you.

Vanraj asks Malvika to get out of the house.

Coming out of the house, Malvika congratulates Anupama and rightfully calls her “Bhabhi”.

Malvika apologizes to Anupama for her mistakes and shouts about Anuj and Anupama’s marriage, and upsets the envious people.

Anuj worries about the breakdown of the marriage due to the negative influence of the Shah family. Malvika later arrives and meets Anuj and Gak.

Anupama advises Vanraj that if you work with a clear intention, then everything will be good.

 Anupama Written Update 5 April 2022

In the beginning of the episode, everyone congratulates Anupama and Anuj who are their own. From Anupama’s mother to Malvika, all the members show their happiness.

Leela tells Vanraj and Kavya how she has objected to the family’s financial condition to stop Anupama’s marriage.

Vanraj doesn’t pay much attention as he has to prepare a presentation.

Babuji comes and returns the money and jewelery to Leela and says that he will not take anything from her. Vanraj and Baa ask him about the money, so he leaves without saying anything.

Samar tries to make Pakhi realize her mistake, he reminds her how Anupama has always fought for her and asks her to change her mind once.

Toshu comes home with his friend Yash at the same time Anupama and Anuj also reach home where Yash makes fun of Anupama. Toshu loses himself and starts fighting with Yash. Anuj and Anu run to stop Toshu .

When Anupama tries to pacify Toshu, Toshu tells her to keep quiet.

Anuj asks Toshu to talk properly with her mother, then Toshu accuses both of them of making fun of his life.

Anupama Written Update 4 April 2022

Anupama, Hasmukh, Kinjal, and Samar, who reach home after enjoying, see that Leela is going to create a new scene.

Leela comes out and give all the jewelery to Anupama and announces Anupama’s marriage with pomp and declare that we invite so many guests in this wedding.
Everyone gets shocked by hearing this but soon they understand why she is saying this .when Leela tells Hasmukh they should do everything for Anupama but save money to purchase poison.
Anupama tells Hasmukh that she doesn’t want any pompous wedding, she just wants to get married in a simple way.

On the other hand, Anuj plans a big party for his and anu marriage with Devika so that people remember this marriage for many years.

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